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This thought came about today when a fan who’d made a mega-mix video and posted on my Facebook page. He was upset and commented as such that I hadn’t responded in a fast enough manner, when I hadn’t even seen it; he took it as an insult to him. His reaction was particularly surprising and disappointing for me because I take time to reply and comment to people as much as possible. You can’t please everyone all the time, and I’m certain some artists never reply or acknowledge their fans whatsoever. Take a moment of pause before lashing out at others. I always recommend Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements” among them ‘Never Make Assumptions and Never Take Anything Personally.’ I also share favorite perspectives such as this one about giving be it a mega-mix fan made video, a loan, a smile, a holding of the door for a stranger,  a gift of any kind:

“When you give and share and expect something in return, like a compliment, a simple thanks, a favor or whatever it is, then you are not really loving. You are actually doing business. Why? Because business is about expecting returns. Love simply delights in giving and sharing unconditionally.” – Joel Randymar