Thought of the Day.

Every day may not be perfect or meet our expectations. One of my dear friends once said “Every day can’t be lollipops and rainbows”, which is so true. Like you, I’m prone to my moods and challenges even when the sun is shining. We deal with disappointments, frustrations and so forth – but I’m a firm believer in counting blessings not woes. So, “LIVE” “LOVE” and most of all keep your sense of humor and “LAUGH” – it’s always good for the soul! jodywatley_livelovelaugh_quotepic

Photo: Luke Duval

Makeup: Billy B.

Hair: Syd Curry

Jody Watley Featured on Afrobella.

Jody Watley on Life, Music, Beauty, Billy B, and Being An Icon | Afrobella

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