Thought of the Day.

Each day brings a fresh opportunity to start over; not to mention an entirely “new” year. There’s weight to ‘new years’ – because we have all started with a fresh slate to create a new book of chapters for ourselves so to speak. Nothing happens overnight, so I say be patient, realistic, resilient and passionate about whatever the “it” is for you. This attitude will sustain through disappointments, set-backs and doubt. One thing that I’m mindful of is always to remain in a state of gratitude – especially in rough and difficult moments. There’s always something to be grateful for – being ‘alive’ is always a great start.

I’ve been diligent, patient and even let some desires go deeming it just wasn’t for me, at that time or ever, as I’ve blogged before. ¬†On Tuesday January 8, expect the first of what I hope to be many exciting announcements for 2013.

Remember not to worry about the expectations of others – if you try to please everyone you’ll whittle yourself to nothing, lose yourself and wonder what happened. Just keep setting daily small goals and larger long term goals to those things that light ‘your’ fire within. Here’s to new chapters for all of us – which sometimes require a lot of patience and faith – along with ‘the work.’