In The Lab With Shalamar Reloaded.


In The Lab with Rosero and Nate.

A studio snippet, Nate came up with this song while singing in the shower while we in Japan for concerts at Billboard Live in January. So far from the post on other social media, fans are digging this snippet.

We just dropped single and video, while always creating, exchanging ideas and thinking of ways to make our concerts pop even more than they do. It’s great to be building our own catalogue and brand identity – Music. Dance. Style.


In the event you missed some of the origins of this new creative and business journey, here are a few archived links of interviews:

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The OkayPlayer Interview. Jody Watley Speaks on Soul Train, Rakim and Reclaiming The Name Shalamar

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

SHALAMAR ® reloaded with Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. 2015

SHALAMAR ® reloaded with Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. 2015

For those who came late, Jody Watley is a name synonymous with soul, an icon of music, fashion and dance who set the defining trends of at least four or five distinctive eras of black culture.. Read the full article on:  OkayPlayer

Get your tickets:

June 24 The Howard Theater D.C.

June 25 Midsummer Night Swing NYC

June 27 Let’s Rock London, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

June 28 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands

Other Appearances:

June 23 SIRIUS FM The Groove 4-5 PM EST

June 24 MyFox5 News Washington, D.C.

July 3 KTLA Morning News Los Angeles



Jody Watley Weekend Rewind. Celebration at Giorgio’s. Father’s Day. Pioneers.

It was a week of major losses in the entertainment world, actress civil rights activist Ruby Dee, unsung jazz great Little Jimmy Scott and radio and voice legend Casey Kasem. One of the biggest thrills when I became a solo artist and making a mark on Commercial Top 40 was to listen to Casey Kasem’s Countdown anticipating hearing Kasems announce my music – it always felt like a “you really have made it” moment. Not every artist got to hear their name amidst the American Top 40 Countdown – what an honor. Who can’t forget his voice on Scooby-Doo?! It was sad to hear his end of days turned so tragic, but he is in a peaceful place now as his children said in their statement to the media.  The music of Little Jimmy Scott always soothes, having discovered him from my Mom as I have done with a lot of jazz and my affinity for it. When recording “After You Who” for Red, Hot and Blue, his music was on my playlist to capture and evoke the essence of emotion and elegance as my foray into jazz. I join in the voices of what an inspiration and positive Ruby Dee was. These were lives well lived having touched so many of us in a positive way. I enjoyed this in depth article with video on Ruby Dee on OkayPlayer which was shared on my Facebook page: Here One of my favorites from Little Jimmy Scott: Casey Kasem New York Times: Here   Father’s Day posts on my Facebook were tributes to my father and brother John. Because our family lost possessions in storage when I was a little girl, there are any photo’s of he and I, however I do have a few cherished photo’s of him. As well, his memory lives on in my mind, memory and heart. He passed away in 1981 at 49 years young.

Before Tiger Woods there was my Dad John Watley Jr.

Before Tiger Woods there was my Dad John Watley Jr.  who was also a pioneer in golf. JET Magazine, 1952

© 2014 Jody Watley and big brother John Earl Watley III in 1981

© 2014 Jody Watley and big brother John Earl Watley III in 1981

My brother and I like most siblings have had our ups and downs – but we’re cool! I paid tribute in a surprise post for him on Saturday June 14, as he lives in Japan. The first anniversary of Giorgio’s was Saturday night – and it was truly a night to remember, complete with an impromptu performance by yours truly!  Read a fabulous article and check out the photo gallery on BlackBook: Here

© 2014 Tony Kanal of No Doubt and Jody Watley at Giorgio's Anniversary bash.

© 2014 Tony Kanal of No Doubt and Jody Watley at Giorgio’s Anniversary bash.

© 2014 Jody Watley at The Standard Hotel Pre-Disco Cocktail Party Photo Room in Vivienne Westwood World's End

© 2014 Jody Watley at The Standard Hotel Pre-Disco Cocktail Party Photo Room in Vivienne Westwood World’s End


Read More at WWD (Women’s Wear Daily): Here

Nightlife Update – All Things Fabulous

“Nightlife” with it’s call to “be fabulous” forget your worries – get yourself together,  is really my way of encouraging a call to lift yourself up, to have fun. “It’s in the music” because it is about music where so much inspiration and energy lives as a great resource, let it use you – I do! When you’re releasing music independently, so much depends on not simply my efforts but others getting behind and supporting. There’s something to be said about that aspect in today’s commercial commerce driven marketplace – what a concept, focus on ‘the music’ and the hope to inspire others. We can change the world with one smile, one dance at a time – I know it sounds cliche but for me it’s truth.

The single moves up to #14 Pop in the UK in Music Week and #40 Hot Dance Club Play on Billboard. The single peaked at #5 Urban in the UK – which is still quite awesome. It’s not so much about charts and sales but I’m proud of this as an addition to my discography – it’s really always about moving forward and being proud the work; that’s really success. Thats said, I do love proving that a veteran woman artist, writer, producer and style diva can still hang without pandering and with a level of class and my signature authenticity. There’s a core group  people working with me, supporting me because they believe ‘in the music’ and not because of financial gain. We are connected by  a passion and love for the music, the arts and a time when it was really more focus on ‘music’. The work I continue to do and with the integrity I try to bring appears to inspire others which gives me confidence and hope for all of us out here still trying to do things the right way. It’s all very organic and I’m thankful to those working with me on this and of course you the ones helping to get the word out there through your actions, buying the single and sharing my posts. Thank you.

Fabulous! My daughter and son – who always encourage me as must as I encourage them and tell me I’m the best Mom in the world – which fuels me on my darkest days and always reminds me what’s most important.  Thank you Count De Money (Julien and Raphael Aletti- Aletti Brothers Music) Bill Coleman of Peace Bisquit, Gerald Brown, Juanita Stephens PR, Steve Ripley at Soulfood Music,  Music House UK, Craig Jones, Niven Govinden, Matt Waterhouse, Moto Blanco, Jodie Harsh, Dave Doyle, Soulpersona, Luminodisco, Claudia Cuesta of Maxi Promotion, Patrick L. Riley of ‘Life of Riley’ and Dave Higdon of Poptastic Confessions, (early blogging supporters of ‘Nightlife’) along with Okayplayer, Soulbounce, Soulculture UK, Centric TV who got behind the single early — Fabulous!! Thank you Rosero McCoy, John ‘Havic’ Gregory, Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc, Billy B.,  Albert Sanchez, Sandra Green,  Billy Johnson at Yahoo Music, Access Hollywood,  Uptown Magazine, Isoul Harris, Essence Magazine, Jet, Ebony, Soulbounce, Singersroom, Lee Bailey at Eurweb, Urbanbridgez, Wax Poetics, Wallace Butts, Van Roy, Shawn West, Brian Walmer, Vernon Sze,  Steve and Laura Hall at Future Disc Systems, Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin aka Adam Xll of Giorgio’s, Steven Willis, Harwood Lee, Christina Grady and all DJ’s and outlets supporting this effort…and anyone I forgot to mention my apologies, it’s not intentional. My hardcore fans – I love you!

Vinyl arrived today – yaaay! Details on when they’ll be at my online boutique. I have to number and sign them – limited edition Ba-By! Excited to be filming the final footage for the “Nightlife video tomorrow at my favorite place to dance : Giorgio’s!


BE Fabulous!

Jody Watley. Glamour and Music.

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

My press release reads I’m bringing back the fun and glamour in music – with dance floor soul. Those elements to name a few are what I felt was and is missing. Always coming from an authentic place, this is where my spirit, which always guides what I do, led me. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be doing select interviews  and press beginning with urban media outlets – with a diverse range to follow. “Nightlife” – It’s In the Music!

“Nightlife, a career best vocal performance.” – Ernest Hardy, Music Journalist and Author

“Jody Watley delivers upon arrival..” – Okayplayer:

” The relevance in this tune is that Jody Watley is a master class in how to keep a career in dance and R&B going..” – CentricTV

“Jody Watley takes listeners for a twirl on the dancefloor with catchy lyrics..” – Soulbounce

“Jody Watley continues to define her artistic destiny unapologetically, it’s something in the  reality television era of R&B Divas that should be savored.” – QHBlend

Jody Watley. Nightlife Comes to Okayplayer

I’ve been a longtime appreciator of this blog and so jazzed to finally have my music and artistry featured with such appreciation, understanding and reverence.



Jody Watley delivers upon arrival with “Nightlife” (Single Preview Edit) – read full post: HERE!