A Celebration. Jody Watley Brings Out Surprise Guest Andre Cymone At 35th Solo Debut Anniversary Concert

It was truly a celebration night of music in the first concert commemorating the international multi-platinum solo debut album “Jody Watley”, the Best New Artist Grammy win and so much more at Sycuan Resort & Casino in San Diego, California.

Former collaborator and producer Andre Cymone who co-wrote much of the debut with Watley was a surprise guest and joined in the concert playing guitar on several cuts. Jody Watley and Andre Cymone, who also made cameo appearances in music videos “Don’t You Want Me” and “Some Kind Of Lover” worked together on 4 albums from 1987-1993. Cymone continues to write and record on his various solo endeavors with politically minded themes more in the rock vein – but he hasn’t lost his funky riffs as evidenced onstage. The show was fast paced and hit packed with Watley performing songs from the debut album never performed live previously “Do It To The Beat” “Love Injection” as well as the rarely performed “Most Of All”. The show also featured hits from subsequent albums in addition the current single “Whenever” from the Top 5 UK Soul EP “Renderings” The Alex Di Cio’ Remixes. The concert included a multi-colored ballon drop to the delight of the packed house. Future Jody Watley 35th Anniversary Celebration concerts are planned throughout 2022 in select limited cities due to the ongoing pandemic.

“To not only celebrate my solo debut, but the longevity of my solo career still at top of my game as an independent artist, songwriter, producer and so on – is truly special. To share it will my fans and also those who mean so much in my life. My daughter Lauren, and son Arie were there flying in from each coast to share in the evening, seeing Andre and I onstage together was epic and truly meaningful in so many ways. We wondered why we haven’t done this before. On top of that for Lauren and Arie to be here for my birthday as well just made the entire weekend magical. Some people out there try to force what they think is important to you when it’s not important at all. This weekend is what it’s all about. I’m so blessed and can’t wait for future shows in select cities celebrating Jody Watley 35.” – Jody Watley

Jody Watley – casual before the show taking in the scenery.
Former husband and wife and collaborators Andre Cymone and Jody Watley reunited to commemorate the monumental Jody Watley Solo Debut album pictured at soundcheck, Sycuan Resort and Casino.
Jody Watley and Andre Cymone. 1.28.22 – Sycuan Casino
Andre Cymone and Jody Watley – performing the hit “Still A Thrill”
Grammy Winning Artist – Jody Watley. Celebrating 35th Anniversary Solo Debut.
Jody Watley. 1.28.2022
Jody Watley. Andre Cymone. 1.28. 22
Jody Watley – Birthday Art by Shawn West. 1.30.22

The evening was also a pre-birthday party for Jody Watley. On Sunday 1.30. 2022 Watley received numerous messages from music outlets, fans from around the world in addition to special greetings from music legend Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs, and heartfelt post from Andre Cymone on his social media pages.

“Today is a very beautiful day for a very beautiful person. I want to wish Jody Watley a very Happy Birthday. I just have to share a few moments from such an amazing event in celebration of Jody, her work and her birthday. I stood backstage watching video highlights of all her accomplishments and was reminded of her dedication to breaking new ground always. I can’t really express how proud I’ve always been of our collaborations. We created so much magic together and when she invited me to join her on stage for the 35th Anniversary of the release of her hit Looking For a New Love we created even more magic. So thank you Jody and Happy Birthday. ” – Andre Cymone

More video of the triumphant night to come.

MCA Records Presents Jody Watley With Platinum Album For Solo Debut – Classic Rewind Photo.

Knocked it out of the park from the first single “Looking For A New Love” and first album – Jody Watley. I’ll be sharing highlights throughout 2022 and doing celebration concerts in select cities, due to the ongoing pandemic. I’m so thankful for everyone involved in this record, especially Jheryl Busby who understood me – look how he’s smiling in this photo, like a proud Papa! He was forced out of MCA on my second album – but we did the damn thing on this – all involved. Rest In Glory Jheryl Busby and Louil Silas Jr.

Looking forward to celebrating the 35th Anniversary Friday 1.28.22 Sycuan Casino Resort 8 PM in concert – all I can say is this will be a festive night – it’s also a pre-birthday celebration too.

Always believe in yourself and follow YOUR OWN path, that will always be my message to the world.

Grammy Winner Jody Watley Has The Trills That Thrill – US Weekly

Pieces of the Jody Watley music history – 35 years have flown by! Celebrating this 35th Anniversary milestone of my breakout Grammy winning solo debut throughout the month of January. Pre-internet and social media I’m sharing some of the highlights of which there were many. It’s significant as well in that no one expected my success but with with, hard work and a great promotional team effort by MCA Records and PR team that included Juanita Stephens and Gloria Boyce at Rogers & Cowan anchored by great music it was a knockout punch. For me, it’s always a way to remind people to always believe in yourself and to not be afraid to make gutsy decisions . Your life and calling is not a conference call. A lesson I’ve learned in recent years as well is to always tell your own story – too many put out false and misleading info or try to erase or marginalize altogether.

Here’s my first feature in US Weekly. My Dad called it for me as a little girl – I wish he had lived to see my success and his prophecy but I feel he’s always watching over me and know how much I always want to make him proud.

It touches upon the fact it was said women couldn’t sell records, that always struck me as odd since I grew up with Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Wilson, Donna Summer, Karen Carpenter.. and so many greats. True – men have it easier however women have also been viable despite the obvious sexism, ageism, etc. I confidently made plan for myself while living in London, worked with Musical Youth (uncredited guest vocal on 16) and was a part of the historic Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” My daughter always kept my perspective grounded as to what’s important. It wasn’t easy balancing motherhood with Pop stardom but I tried my best and all turned out well.

Working on a screenplay – yes, fast forward some things take a lot longer, and all things in time!!


Jody Watley’s Solo Debut An International Sensation – Happy 35th Anniversary

“Looking For A New Love” and the debut album as a whole was an international success as well here in the United States – Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and beyond. Here’s one of many international Jody Watley Solo debut features:

Grammy winning artist Jody Watley knocked it out of the park with her breakout solo debut.

Celebrating Jody Watley Solo Debut throughout January.


Jody Watley – Solo Debut Feature UK Magazine Record Mirror

Jody Watley. Record Mirror Magazine UK Solo Debut feature.

“I’d met with other labels. Jheryl Busby of MCA got me right away. He’d worked with Donna Summer at Casablanca Records another woman with a strong artistic vision, a songwriter and force of nature. I ultimately I chose MCA over labels like Warner Brothers, A&M, CBS – because the vibe was right knowing Jheryl understood and respected my artistic vision and sense of self from the first meeting.

I’m eternally grateful, he galvanized the entire label and promotional team

35th Anniversary solo debut vibes all month of January.

Photography: Victoria Pearson.

Jody Watley Pays Tribute To Friend and Colleague George Michael In Moving Music Performance.

Jody Watley pays tribute to fellow music icon – friend and colleague George Michael in music tribute filmed in December 2016 days after his untimely passing.

The heartfelt rendition of “Waiting For That Day” has remained a periodic inclusion in Watley’s concerts. “George and I met while recording “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, he would later appear on my solo debut on our duet “Learn To Say No.” On top of being one of my favorite male vocalists and songwriters – I want people to know he was a very kind human being. His music legacy will always remain. “Waiting For That Day” is not one of his big commercial hits but it’s one that has always been a favorite of mine. The statement making “Listen Without Prejudice” album was a departure of sorts from his previous releases, but he showed a determination to not be constrained by narrow boxes and artistic restraints often found in commercial pop music. That mindset immediately resonated with me.” – Jody Watley

George Michael Forever.

Happy 34 Jody Watley Eponymous Solo Debut

Jody Watley.

Released on February 23, 1987.

Jody Watley is the eponymous debut studio album by American singer Jody Watley.

The album produced three top-ten singles on the US Billboard Hot 100: “Some Kind of Lover”, “large GRAMMY Nominated “Looking for a New Love” and “Don’t You Want Me” 4 Top 10 R&B Singles including “Still A Thrill” :: All Top 10 Hot Club Play Singles countless nominations and subsequently garnering the Best New Artist Grammy and becoming an instant influential style template for many. A spectacular platinum debut that no one predicted or saw coming.


Jody Watley. MCA Listening Party.

Thanks to all who helped make this a success. Thank you to God and all the stars in the universe that aligned for this.

Jody Watley Classic Image of The Day. Debut Sparkle.

Special thanks to Ellis Jones Art for the additional added sparkle and polish on the classic image.

Always let your light shine. Wattage!

On This Day. January 6, 1987 – Looking For A New Love Released.


Jody Watley Solo Debut Full Page Ad


Full page ad Billboard Magazine, 1987 for my subsequent crossover smash debut hit – first Number 1 – AMA’s, Soul Train Awards, NAACP and Grammy nominated solo debut single “Looking For A New Love.”

The single was was of the biggest of the 1987 and the 80’s in general – a pop culture phenomenon, trendsetting style –  as well with the catchphrase “Hasta La Vista Ba-by” later further popularized by Arnold Schwarznegger.

Written by Jody Watley and Andre Cymone. Produced by Andre Cymone and David Z. Photography: Victoria Pearson, Art Direction: Jody Watley & Lynn Robb. Styling: Jody Watley.

The single set the stage for one hell of a solo debut album ‘Jody Watley’ to follow. Despite my naysayers saying I’d regret leaving Shalamar, I’d fail, future in doubt as some of the black magazines wrote I succeeded then and continue to do so over 3 decades later and still on my own terms – most of all I’m happy, healthy, working and enjoying myself with my spirit and soul intact. It was never about being solo – it was to live life with joy, the greatest success. Having this all roll out this way was a gift from God and the universe – a bonus for looking after my own well being on my life’s journey. There’s so much more to say about this time, it will be in my memoir. Until then..

Thankful and full of gratitude a song of this magnitude is a part of my discography. As a note: “Looking For A New Love” also made a bit of history with the 2005 Remixes going to Number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts, one of the first hits to become a hit again in an entirely different decade. Thanks so all the 80’s and Classics stations that keep it in rotation and shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Pose and beyond for the exposure to a younger generation.

What I’ve said for decades now is I hope my career and being represents to others is believe in yourself and to never be afraid to remove yourself from any situation that on the outside might look good to others – but to you it’s everything but that. You will always have doubters – just never let it be you and always be the best version of yourself – keep growing and going no matter the obstacles, often the universe will align in one way or another.

Happy 33 Anniversary —  ‘Looking For A New Love”!! Timeless jam and still a damn good break up and empowerment anthem.



Jody Watley Classic Image. Rolling Stone Magazine Issue 502 Solo Debut.

Jody Watley Rolling Stone Issue 502 1987

Jody Watley – Solo Debut Feature

Rolling Stone Magazine

June 18, 1987 – Issue 502

Cover Story: Robert Cray



This was a big deal for me at the time in another of firsts.. my former group Shalamar had never been featured in a magazine like this. Everything about my solo debut is significant because no one predicted it or expected it.

Looking back, I see a determined, authentic and self-assured young woman no matter those who were against me and expected my demise…I’ve always believed in myself and tenacious about living my own life and being happy as much as I can.

Trendsetting style and attitude, letting black girls know we could be eclectic, ‘weird’, offbeat..whatever box you want to check off too.


I recommend it.