Life Hack – Wattage Thoughts. Remember Your Greatness.

Steve Maraboli always drops inspiration and wisdom – this another that resonated with me and perhaps it will with you too.

Wattage – let your light shine!

Wattage Thoughts Daily. You Deserve To Bloom

Just a reminder! You deserve to bloom, in every season and every chapter of your life. This quote resonated with me, and a perfect one to share with you.

A butterfly never returns to being a caterpillar – keep blooming, soaring and shining.


Wattage Thoughts. Your Calling. Live Your Life.

People always chiming in on what other people should be doing..if you are living your life’s passion and dreams, pursuing your personal goals it’s not for others to understand as this quote says. Keep going – do you. I’m reshaping this.. can’t say it enough.

Carry on.


Jody Watley. A Bit of Motivation. Don’t Give Up.

Wattage Thoughts. Self Belief.


Love this line from the classic movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.” It all begins within you – believe in yourself.



Monday Wattage. Today.

Jody Watley Burgundy Hoodie Smile 2019

Today will never come make it a good one of course for each day. Remember you are entirely up to you. Don’t let the actions of others mess up your day.  Look up, breathe, stretch. Keep going, kick ass – exude that inner light and shine.




Pass it on.

Welcome November. 5 Wattage Tips.


New video vlog for November. Short and sweet – check it out. Wishing everyone the best of the month..and here’s to utilizing those 5 P’s  and always living in gratitude.

Wattage Thoughts. You.



Wattage Thought of The Day.



Wise words to share.

“Take action towards the life you see for yourself. Don’t just look to the sky and beg for it; put your feet on the ground and create it.” – Steve Maraboli

Wattage Inspiration of The Day.