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‘Comfort’ luxury soy hand poured candles in Amber 9 pounce Heavy Glass and Gold 6 ounce Tins. Small batch – high quality.

I love luxury – I appreciate affordable – this line brings both!

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Jody Watley. Throwback Thursday. Always Be True To Yourself – Still True. NEW Upload.

I continue to grow and evolve though always consistent in being true to myself. It may not be the most popular – but as you get older and look back to see how far you’ve a woman in this game to see the no nonsense authenticity. In fact the entertainment industry and media rarely embraces that. Women are often marginalized. I was aware enough thought still finding my way in letting it be known I’m no ingenue but always a woman taking agency over her career and life.

Generally media prefers vapid sexist stereotypes and lack of substance to this day..I’ve never played that game – always recognizing what’s important in the scheme of things – paramount is to always be true to yourself.

Coffee and Candles.

In gratitude- ready to begin the day anew. Candles burning, lemon tea complete – now for the first cup of coffee in my sanctuary. Thankful.

The best of the day to all.


Jody Watley. ‘Comfort’ Now Available.

9 ounce luxury soy candle with super fragrant scrumptious top notes of milk, almond, coconut, vanilla and heliotrope evoking a comforting and warm fragrance. The hand poured candle is complimented by heavy amber glass vessel and complimentary Jody Watley matchbook.

Small Batch – High Quality.

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Jody Watley Shares Longtime Aspirations in Entrepreneurship.

Dream big and never stop, it’s never too late-and always believe in yourself..this is a constant throughout my life.

Excerpts from Communique Magazines.

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Jody Watley.

A Love For Candles

Jody Watley Luxury Soy Candles : Exclusively Available:

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New Upload. Jody Watley A Day of Love and Gratitude.

Posted 2.14.21 – A Forever Message!

I did this for my Facebook page but it’s a message for everyone. Watch and Subscribe!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love Every Day.

Chillin’ at home in my Sanctuary.. nice to get out pf my leisure wear just for you!

I write a lot about love..and always try to live a life of love and what I exude not just as an artist but human being. Love to all, love into the world, love yourself. Thank you to those who show me love by supporting what I do. Love is – an action word.

Some of my favorite songs about love through the decades in my catalog — though all of my songs have meaning in my journey, some more than others.

‘..accept no substitutes – always go for the real thing!..’
An overlooked gem..about love and commitment.
This song and video represent the loves of my life my daughter Lauren and son Arie ..a song about creating an environment of love at home, a sanctuary, a safe place ..another gem..unconditional love.
“..’beauty will not keep us together – it’s love that will weather the storm..can we go deeper than skin..” Indeed.