Wattage Thoughts On Business and Life.

Keep pushing through the challenges of life. Give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate when you need. Handle your business daily (let others run their mouths with unnecessary negativity-don’t be distracted..this is also my own personal reminder being a public figure getting some some form of vitriol or completely disrespectful comments daily).

Continue to get things done on your time, your plan – God (whatever form it represents to you as a positive force) and the universe of intentions has your back, as long as you continue to push for personal and professional process. I’m not a shamen (laughs) but I do believe those principles or mindset to be true on the spiritual side of things. Even prayer won’t work unless you work too!

Protect your peace – your mental state of mind, your environment creating that sanctuary we all need – and even what you focus on while online.

Carry on. Keep it moving. Wattage!