Happy 30th Anniversary Jody Watley – Intimacy Album

Jody Watley. “Intimacy” 1993
Setting the vibe.

Happy 30th Music Anniversary to Jody Watley 4th solo album “Intimacy”!

Jody Watley shares thoughts on the milestone anniversary:

Featuring “Your Love Keeps Working On Me”  the thought provoking spoken word “When A Man Loves A Woman” which definitely went against the commercial grain of Pop / R&B radio at the time with accompanying same sex couple remix anthems which went to Number 1 in the U.K. on the Music Week Club Chart.

Other gems include “Working On A Groove” “Are You The One” a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Too Shy To Say” “Best Of Me” the jazzy “Together” the David Morales house collaboration “Ecstasy” and more. This relationship themed collection showcases growing maturity as an artist and songwriter, determined not to get stuck artistically or from other’s limited expectations perceived boxes.

It wasn’t for everyone especially those still stuck on my solo debut. 4 albums into my solo career I’d already signaled I was no cookie cutter artist afraid to grow and spread my artistic wings and fearlessly explore different soundscapes. I didn’t have the same label support, as well MCA had morphed into Universal Music Group with a new set of executives eager to sign their own artists and devote larger budgets to them. Radio had changed it’s focus as well to more gangster rap, new jack swing (in hindsight I should have done a song with Teddy Riley but we had a phone conference and it didn’t go great – we didn’t vibe at all), as well I didn’t want to be a bandwagon artist trying to work with every radio friendly big time producer.

Through the decades I’ve learned the business and many fans don’t care about artistic growth and evolution – unless you’re Prince!

I highly recommend a fresh listen, when you feel like a nice chill full length and may be going through some relationship woes, as I was at this time.

Intimacy is about being open, honest, vulnerable unafraid of the real conversations that really are crucial to sustaining any relationship. As I wrote in “Are You The One” – “..how many times have you been in bed before you really knew the person you were sleeping with..you’d betta ask yourself.. should have went beyond the false pretensions or was I just running from the truth?” For me, it’s one of my best albums though admittedly I was disappointed with the lack of support with “Affairs Of The Heart”. When an artist takes a risk creatively if it achieves mass success you’re hailed as a visionary, a creative genius, brave artist – if it’s not the narrative is different no doubt. That said I’m so proud that I have always been true to myself as an artist and writer. I never set out to do anything for accolades, just to do what I love and feel passionate about. Just as I shared on The Jody Watley Show on Sirius XM’s The Groove October episode “Your calling was not a conference call – do you!”

From RNB Soul Effect TV:

30th Anniversary “INTIMACY” , 4th solo album by Grammy Award Icon Jody Watley 

“Your Love Keeps Working On Me” is a song performed by the song’s co-writer, Joey Diggs, and appeared on the soundtrack to the film Bébé’s Kids.

Released in October 1993 as the first single from her fourth album, Intimacy.

The song reached number 26 on the US Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and was a number two dance hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

“When A Man Loves A Woman”  The song peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard R&B Singles Chart and Number 1 on the UK Club Chart (Music Week).

“Ecstasy” is a house song by singer, Jody Watley. It was written by Watley, David Morales and Terry Burrus and produced by Morales (who’d worked with Watley previously on her hit single, “I’m the One You Need”). It first appeared on the 1993 album, Intimacy.

Streaming 24/7 to those that slept on it or need to rediscover / refresh, or download of course.