OTD. February 8, 1992. I Want Your Love.

#OTD February 8, 1992

“I Want You”

Peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot R&B chart!

Written by: Jody Watley, A. Cymone

Official Video::

Monday Wattage. Stay Motivated.

It’s easy to get discouraged, feel a lull or hit the Covid 19 wall – find ways to keep yourself motivated. Keep learning, growing and going.


Let The Sun Shine In. Weekend Vibes.

Let the sun shine in! A wonderful weekend to all. Stay in the light and spread light – metaphorically and otherwise.

Shout out to all of my fellow Aquarians!!


New Video Alert. Global Birthday Greetings Part 1.

My virtual birthday was something special with the array of surprise greetings, I don’t know if I’ve recovered! – watch Part 1 which ranges from actor Jeff Goldblum, Rakim, El DeBarge, Sports Legends Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Sugar Ray Leonard, The Go Go’s and so many more – you get to be surprised too!

Part 2 up next!

Beware of Scammers.


One of the downsides of social media and the internet are the scammers, imposter pages, fraudsters. I encourage you all not to be naive and ever give up any information or fall prey and victim.

All of my social media pages are verified : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

I never send requests for friends, money, offer gift prizes or anything of that nature. If I ever did a giveaway it would be on my Official Jody Watley page – common sense isn’t always common unfortunately. There are no Jody Watley gift giveaways, no candle giveaways , no ticket giveaways, no future backstage passes, no lottery winnings .. DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAMMERS – that goes for other scammers out here trying to trick you in a variety of ways – ultimately to take your money and gain your personal information in hopes you’re getting something for free.

There have been numerous times fans have immediately made me aware of these pages publicly in the comments where I can promptly reply .. some after they’d fallen victim – despite the fact I’m extremely active on my pages and thorough on my page updates and dissemination of information.

I always immediately report these pages, Facebook isn’t always the most swift in dealing with these scam pages allowing them to prey upon gullible people.

REPORT any and all fraudulent pages like this latest one ‘Jody-watley Gift’, never accept friend requests or offers – IT IS NOT ME NOR ANYONE ON MY TEAM. Pay attention to the grammatical errors that are usually another tip off – in this latest latest fraudulent page the lower case ‘watley’ – the hyphen.. should immediately raise red flags. Pay attention.

These are distractions and like the elders say “The Devil Is Always Busy” and greed motivates a lot of destructive behavior. These people have no ethics.

Comfort Comes to The Jody Watley Luxury Soy Candle and Home Collection.

Jody Watley ‘Comfort’ Luxury Soy Candle.
Jody Watley – ‘Comfort’ Luxury Soy Candle.

I love the aroma of a fresh cake baking in the oven.

When working on this one I was initially going for the ‘Wattage’ candle — but then living with the first sample I kept thinking this is so comforting like a freshly baked cake without the calories! I kept thinking – this is such a comforting scent.

The top notes are milk, almond, coconut and vanilla and heliotrope – absolutely scrumptious. Jody Watley ‘Comfort’ Luxury Soy candle comes in an amber glass vessel and the tins will be gold to add a bit of pizazz.

Joining ‘Sanctuary’ and coming just in time for this season – Exclusively : https://www.jodywatleyshop.com

Jody Watley By Scavullo – Classic Image Of The Day. Harper’s Bazaar From The Vaults.

All rights reserved Jody Watley Vault Collection.

This is from my vast vault of Polaroids of photo sessions along the way, many of them have been signed by the photographers at my request because there’s always the little girl in me and the person not too cool for school to fan girl out myself from time to time.

This photo is from the session I did on my first Harper’s Bazaar editorial in 1987; the one my label didn’t want to fly me out to NY for not seeing what an editorial feature in a fashion magazine had to do with selling records .. I covered the cost myself as I’ve shared over the decades). My solo debut really was a multi-faceted breakthrough in many ways – this is one. It wasn’t as if black artists were given this type of exposure. Today – it’s common to see now on covers, not just editorials. Back then, it was primarily a cover of Jet Magazine – if you were lucky. The takeaway is always invest in yourself even when others don’t see the vision or bigger picture…and always be yourself.

Working with the legendary photographer Francesco Scavullo was a dream – knowing he’d lensed some of the most iconic women in music, film and fashion..Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Lauren Bacall, Iman, Linda Evangelista to name a few. Mr. Scavullo was very kind and took away any nervousness I had of which I had a lot..walking into the studio he immediately put me at ease.

The hat is Chanel – this wasn’t used for the feature, so here it is! — and my brows!!


Wattage Thoughts On Business and Life.

Keep pushing through the challenges of life. Give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate when you need. Handle your business daily (let others run their mouths with unnecessary negativity-don’t be distracted..this is also my own personal reminder being a public figure getting some some form of vitriol or completely disrespectful comments daily).

Continue to get things done on your time, your plan – God (whatever form it represents to you as a positive force) and the universe of intentions has your back, as long as you continue to push for personal and professional process. I’m not a shamen (laughs) but I do believe those principles or mindset to be true on the spiritual side of things. Even prayer won’t work unless you work too!

Protect your peace – your mental state of mind, your environment creating that sanctuary we all need – and even what you focus on while online.

Carry on. Keep it moving. Wattage!

Jody Watley Birthday and Black History Month Cover on Belgium Magazine Nishpress.

Stay tuned for the interview!

Welcome February 2021. Wattage Thoughts.

Do your thing – Don’t wait! Your life, your journey, your goals.