False Concert Ad For Jody Watley At Long Beach Arena

This is a notice to let you all know if you see any ads that include Jody Watley on a concert bill for February 11, 2023 at The Long Beach Arena it’s false advertising. The promoters are illegally using my name and likeness for this concert bill that I knew nothing about until ads started popping up.

There is no contract or agreement and I wouldn’t even consider this type of bill. Cease and desists have been issued by my attorney to these shady promoters (Latif Mercado, LA Entertainment, Mike Diaz) as well as Ticketmaster, Spotify, Youtube where ads have been attached to my pages and channel. Don’t waste your money, do not buy tickets to this concert thinking I will be thereI won’t.

There are no planned or scheduled concert appearances for Jody Watley in 2023 at this time – I am taking a much needed break from travel and concerts.