Wattage Thoughts and Inspiration. Growth Is Not Found In Comfort.

Always be mindful to not get stuck in various areas of your life. Be wary of those in your circle that may consistently show signs of stagnation and lack of development – even when encouraging them to do better, be better. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own lives and the choices we make.We can’t change other people, only ourselves and the way we proceed in life. Don’t let the stagnation or lack of desire to get better rub off on you. Sometimes you have to leave people where they are.

Carry on.


Wattage Thoughts. Grow.

Some people will always view you in old lenses and be uncomfortable with your growth and evolution because they have not grown. Life is always changing for us to always go toward new potential, knowledge, self improvement evolution. For me this and has always been essential personally and professionally. That said, there will always be those who don’t believe or live that point of view seeing only an outdated version of you left behind.

You’ll have people discussing you who probably never knew the depth of you – let alone who you’ve grown into.

Undoubtedly the mentality or resistance is because of their own lack of growth and comfort of living in the rear view.

Keep growing and evolving, whether or not others understand, acknowledge or embrace – just keep living to be your new best self as long as there is life – not settling on the you of days gone by.