Things You Love. Daily Life Hack.

I love candles which inspired me to create a signature line. Currently available exclusively in my online shop ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Comfort’ with a third scent in the works!

There are so many things in life that we can’t control. I tend to try to focus on the things within my control or reach especially when it comes to I always like to remind you – surround yourself with things you love. Your house may not be that mansion on the beach, or the penthouse apartment with a view of Central Park or any abode of your ultimate dreams, however you can still give your spot the love and bring to it a sense of joy and peace-always in gratitude.


Jody Watley Shop. Winter Nights EP Out of Stock. SOLD OUT

The second limited quantity “Winter Nights” EP a former UK Soul Chart Top 2 release is now Sold Out in the online shop. Snapped up by ultimate Jody Watley Warriors – this collection will now reside in those collections. I’ve been asked about reissuing the ‘Paradise’ EP which sold out quickly in 2014 – thinking about it!

This review was super nice on Instagram. The candles do make great gifts!

Jody Watley ‘Sanctuary’ Luxury Soy Candle- Glass Now Available

Jody Watley – “Sanctuary” Luxury Soy Candle Glass.

File under the category of spa, tranquility and relaxation. Jody Watley “Sanctuary” luxury soy, hand poured candles are a must have in these often stressful times. The top notes of green tea, lemon zest, orange blossom are subtle and intoxicating if you’re looking for an escape without ever leaving the safety and comfort of home – now available in glass.

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