New To The Gift Shop. Jody Watley ‘Calm’ Luxury Soy Candles

Jody Watley – ‘CALM’ luxury soy candle with top note of French Lavender.

I’ve had a longtime love of candles since I was a Girl Scout. One of the may things I learned from being a Scout was basic candle making. In my home candles are a longtime staple be it tea lights for morning meditations and prayer as a symbol of faith, hope, healing or simply gratitude for another day.

A longtime lover of candles with favorites for splurging like Diptyque Paris, Jo Malone, Votivo and other countless other brands. Yes, I also buy even inexpensive ones from Target every now and again. My home and travel lifestyle has always included candles. Not only for making everything smell good but for bringing a sense of comfort, calm and peace. When my children were growing up The Watley house was always known as ‘the peaceful house’ – yes as I wrote for the song – “Sanctuary is my home..’

It made sense to eventually start developing my own line 6 years ago after the release of my “Paradise” EP giving me the idea for my first two signature candles “Paradise” and “Sanctuary.” Fast forward to 2022, other candles in addition to the new “CALM” in my line include “LOVE”, “COMFORT”, “HOLIDAY” with more to come. Be sure to subscribe to so you don’t miss drops since most items are released in limited quantity – we are not Amazon selling in large bulk. Support small business.

The first Jody Watley signature luxury soy candles from 2014 in tandem with release of the “Paradise” EP.

My online shop was started 20 years ago as a source for limited edition Jody Watley music items and merchandise. In recent years especially during the pandemic, I decided to change the business model into more of a wellness lifestyle boutique with specially curated items, including my candle and home line and now branching out to adding other select items from other small owned – women owned businesses. One of the first jobs I had was working in a gift shop a friend of my Dad owned for a few hours a week when I was around 12.

I’m still learning, while enjoying the process of the desire I’ve always had since 5 years old as my Mom says to have my own store, my own business. Being an artist is a business in itself, though it’s really nice to get away from that at times to focus on my other interests as an entrepreneur.

Jody Watley Celebrating Another Year Around The Sun.

Jody Watley. 1.30.2022. Living With Joy. Birthday Wattage!

In gratitude for another year around the sun – living with love and joy being and doing me, completely embracing what’s important in my life on this journey, wiser, stronger and feeling more beautiful than ever.

Grammy winning solo artist , songwriter, producer, entrepreneur  – owner of Avitone Recordings, Jody Watley Shop (creator of signature line of luxury soy candles) Avid Music, Jody Watley Music Publishing.

Listed as one of Billboard Magazines Top 60 Hot 100 Female Artists Of All Time, Top 25 Dance Artists of All Time, Billboard Dance Music Lifetime Achievement Recipient- Style Icon & Trendsetter … the professional accolades are amazing and still doing what I love, how I want to do it.

The most meaningful enriching part of my life is being Mom of 2 outstanding children,Lauren and Arie, raising them into grounded, intelligent and kind young adults, is everything. They are my hearts  – I’m blessed! To have them fly home to attend my 35th Anniversary Solo Debut Concert, which also included a special surprise guest Andre Cymone means more than any of you know for them to see us together onstage for the first time – ever. Having them home for this weekend here to celebrate my birthday is the best gift.

Thank you all to those support me and bring love and respect to my social media pages, continue to buy stream my music, buy tickets to my concerts, buy my merchandise and candles, take time to read my inspirational blogs and drop me kind words, giving me flowers daily …. thank you – I appreciate you!!

Jody Watley Holiday Luxury Soy Candle Brings In The Season.

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Save The Date – Jody Watley – RENDERINGS – Limited Edition Digipak Pre-Order Begins Monday November 1.

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The 4 panel fold out digipak will include 2 additional Alex Di Ciò Remixes not currently available on the digital release. (Photographs and Love Hangover).

Sanctuary Is Your Home. Creating An Autumn Vibe.

Home accents do have to be super expensive or extreme – you can achieve a wonderful ambience with small gourds, mini pumpkins, sunflowers – as well as changing accent pillow covers as well. Lighting the signature Jody Watley ‘Sanctuary’ luxury soy candle is an additional touch to illuminate your home space with intoxicating fragrance and good vibes.

We have a few select items that will be added to the boutique for the holidays including a the new Jody Watley ‘Holiday’ candle, restocking the classic debut t-shirt and the limited edition, the ‘Comfort’ candle as well as the limited quantity CD digipak of my new ‘Renderings’ EP.

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‘Love’ For The Home. Creating Peaceful Living Spaces.

It was inevitable that I’d have a ‘Love’ luxury soy candle to join ‘Paradise’, ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Comfort.’

Create an environment of all of those things in your living space. This is even more important with the ongoing pandemic, increased stress levels in some instances it’s a must to care for your well being and it begins within you – and at home. My vase, reminds me of a vintage piece or something quirky you might find at a flea market is from Target filled with a few roses – isn’t it cute?!


Jody Watley Conditioning Beard Oil Exclusively Available at

Trance Smith.

“I have tried a lot of beard oils. This is my favorite. Whether you have a goatee or full beard, the oil is light, clean and it works!”

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Up next to the best selling Jody Watley signature luxury soy candle collection joining ‘Paradise’ ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Comfort’ is ‘Love’. The top notes are a blend of wood sage and ocean sea salt in a chic high gloss black glass vessel.

The fragrance notes are inspired by one of my favorite Jo Malone candles, this candle is a bit more sensual than the previous ones…I must admit I’m also leaning toward ‘Clarity’ and ‘Detox’ – they all fit the combination so don’t be surprised when it goes live if there’s a name change! It’s a process.

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Your new favorite small tray!
Where Are My Keys? Easier to find with this SLAY key chain!

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A Double Dose of Sanctuary and Comfort.

Some days you need a double dose of Jody Watley ‘Sanctuary’ & ‘Comfort’ – create your vibe – protect your peace.