Jody Watley Is Still A Thrill

Jody Watley’s Renderings #1

Jody Watley is still a thrill with latest release “Renderings”  The Alex Di Ciò Remixes. The EP continues to heat up UK Soul radio and charts as 2021 comes to a close.

Download it, stream and playlist it – share it. Get your groove on with this uplifting release, available at all digital platforms.

Jody Watley #4 on UK Soul Chart December 19, 2021
Jody Watley – Jumps 23 to 4 on UK Soul Chart.

Jody Watley Delivers Epic Performance In Concert With The Isley Brothers and Frankie Beverly – SHEEN MAGAZINE

Jody Watley Live In Concert – Winter White Glam.

Jody Watley delivers an epic performance in concert with The Isley Brothers, Frankie Beverly & Maze in Winter White Concert. Read the full SHEEN Magazine feature: Here

Jody Watley’s Renderings Grooves It’s Way Into The Top 5 On The UK Soul Chart

Jody Watley – “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes Top 5

Jody Watley’s “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes grooves its way into the UK Soul Chart with a #4 position on chart ending December 19, 2021. With standout soulful house uptempo cuts “Whenever” “Not A Single Day Goes By” “A Beautiful Life” receiving heavy play and currently also at #1 on the Sweet Rhythms Chart. It’s a nice way to close out 2021. The reason for music is not charts and awards – however it’s very nice to see the continued support.

Jody Watley Brings The Heat To Final Concert of 2021 -A Winter White Jam At Texas Trust CU Theatre

Jody Watley – Winter White

Though a short set, Jody Watley made every minute count in a fiery, funky and fierce performance at the Winter White Concert Party at Texas CU Theatre. Rarely a fixture on more classic R&B bills – Watley proved more than capable as one of music’s most versatile artists with a catalog to match.

“People who have never seen or experienced me live after all of these decades are always surprised and ecstatic. I take it as a compliment rather than an insult. You can’t have this type of longevity and not be able to deliver the goods and then some.I’ve always said. I hope to continue to surprise people, change and grow.” – Jody Watley

Watch the mini video montage. Make sure to subscribe to the Official Jody Watley YouTube channel. Here

Watch Jody Watley Bring Holiday Cheer To Good Day Sacramento

Jody Watley Brings Holiday Cheer To Good Day Sacramento.

It’s always a fun time as a guest on Good Day Sacramento with host Courtney Dempsey. You must watch the spinning of the holiday wheel!


Jody Watley Scheduled Guest On Good Day Sacramento

Jody Watley.

Tune in tomorrow morning December 15 in the 9 A.M. PST hour. Jody Watley will appear as a guest on Good Day Sacramento holiday themed show. Watch the live stream from wherever you are via the Good Day Sacramento website. Here


Jody Watley Goes To Number 1 With “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes

Jody Watley ‘Renderings’ goes to Number 1 featuring singles “Not A Single Day Goes By’ and “Whenever”. Thanks so much to all of the UK Soul radio DJ’s – especially those on Solar Radio where “Renderings” is in heavy rotation and tops their Sweet Rhythms Chart at Number 1! “Renderings’ also made into the overall Top 20 at 17 on the UK Soul Chart.

America is focused on trap and hip-hop commercially however, there’s a big world out there and the UK radio has always embraced veteran artists who continue to release quality music along with respect for legacy artists as well.

Massive thanks as well to Alex Di Ciò for his unyielding passion and support for my music and our collaborations, to my co-writers Rodney Lee & Draks Themo (Not A Single Day Goes By), along with Shawn West for his art which really inspired me to do this project to showcase it along with the music and remixes. Music and Art -Wattage!

Jody Watley. ‘Renderings’ The Alex Di Ciò 

Jody Watley – A Weekend of Hot Soul, Love and Good Vibes At Texas Trust CU Theatre Winter White Concert Party

Dressing Room Selfie. Jody Watley. Winter White Glam. 12. 12. 21
Jody Watley. Winter White Glamour.
Jody Watley. Receiving the love – live onstage.
Jody Watley performing classic ballad ‘Everything’
Jody Watley Texas Trust CU Theatre December 12, 2021
Jody Watley – Texas Trust CU Theatre. December 11, 2021
Jody Watley. December 12, 2021 – Texas Trust CU Theatre Winter White Concert
Jody Watley – Lights of Love!

It all went down Saturday and Sunday night at The Texas Trust CU Theatre December 11 and 12th for 2 sold out shows with The Isley Brothers and. Frankie Beverly & Maze. I’d been looking forward to this show since it was confirmed and booked. I’ve been a huge fan of The Isley Brothers since high school – to be on the same bill was surreal. As an esteemed legacy artist myself, I’m not above some legit fan girl emotions and excitement – never too cool for school and always humble and don’t mind showing my enthusiasm when I love other artists.

Ronald Isley, Jody Watley, Ernie Isley. Legends In The Game.

Dream come true! A special thank you to Kandy Isley who made the introduction meet and greet happen. I watched both of their shows from the wings of the stage and was singing along like everyone else. They put on a stellar show, vocals, dancers – everything top notch.

Kandy and her sister Kim are also really gifted singers – the blend and harmonies on point as well as being beautiful and kind ladies.

Etnie Isley and Jody Watley. Texas Trust CU Theatre.
Jody Watley and Kandy Isley.
Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs still killin’ it!
Frankie Beverly and Jody Watley. Legends in the game.
Frankie Beverly in his signature white and cap. He had the crowd locked in the groove. We Are One. (Photo via 105.7 KRNB.

Meeting the incomparable Frankie Beverly was also a highlight.

Jody Watley with Band and Dancers. (Hubie Wang, Kerry Griffing, Joseph Szekula, Keith Eaddy, Roland Hamilton, John ‘Havic’ Gregory). Texas Trust CU Theatre. Winter White Concert.

In my funky spontaneous vibe – “Friends” – it was lit!

For more pics and video check out my Instagram page, I shared a few live snippets of The Isley Brothers.. I was totally mainly trying to me in the moment and singing along with everyone else most of the show.

Thanks to all involved for such a fabulous weekend of classic music – in winter white sharing the gift of music is always such a blessing. These were my final concerts of 2021 – in an ongoing pandemic and challenging time – it meant even more to so many. To successfully get through all of my shows with everyone remaining healthy is also a blessing. We love bringing joy and the light to the people to forgot your woes and escape in the music.

Jody Watley.


Jody Watley’s Renderings Lights Up Various UK Soul Radio Charts

Radio Indie Alliance compiles radio spins and action on independent artists. Jody Watley “Not A Single Day Goes By” The Alex Di Ciò Remix is into the Top 10 at Number 8.

Over on popular UK station Solar Radio “Renderings” a Top 20 UK Soul Chart peak is at 2 on their Sweet Rhythms Chart with plays on “Not A Single Day” “A Beautiful Life” “Whenever- The Alex Di Ciò Remixes.

Download, playlist, stream, share Jody Watley “Renderings” “Whenever” and “Not A Single Day Goes By” at your digital platform of choice.


Jody Watley Takes Us Behind The Scenes and Delivers An Impromptu Classic Christmas Medley

The everlasting and ever versatile Grammy winning singer, songwriter delivers an impromptu mini medley while at rehearsal back in December 2019. Watley has always said jazz is a favorite genre since she was a little girl with Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” her all time tops for holiday listening. “For my kids and I, it’s not officially the holiday season or Christmas time until we watch the classic special and play the soundtrack, which stays on repeat.”

Get in the holiday spirit and enjoy the brief video with Watley and keyboardist Roland Hamilton.