Thought Of The Day.


We all know that every day isn’t a bed of roses (I even wrote a song with UK band 4Hero about it), however I do believe that if an effort is made to make our lives better in large and small ways that type of attitude can create a better and more fulfilling life. I’m not talking about money, because I’m certain there are rich people not happy and miserable with their lives or simply empty in their soul. There’s too much emphasis on materialism and who’s making what, who has what and so on – but that’s another blog. Focus on the things that contribute to a positive loving atmosphere and feeling of joy in the grind of life. How you feel about yourself (teach your children and grandchildren and little nieces and nephews), your job or career, good friends, laughter, healthy relationships and so on. Those are places to begin. Do the things that make your corner of the universe better to live a life you love.