Photo of The Day.

Whitney Houston was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Seventeen Magazine in 1981.

As it turns out, Whitney also possessed one of the greatest voices of all time. She wasn’t simply a power singer, what I appreciated was the nuance. Whitney was never heavy-handed in her performances. She could give you power and strength but knew when to sound sweet, vulnerable and regal. Whitney Houston had a big girl’s voice (by traditional standards) that came out of a model’s body and face to match, a great smile and natural star quality.

I had the great fortune to be on the charts with a great like Whitney Houston, in categories together at awards shows in addition to sharing the pages of magazines. She was one of my music peers. There’s something especially jarring to know she is gone, though her music will live on.

As a mom, I can’t help but think of her daughter Bobbi Kristina as well as Cissy Houston – Whitney’s mom during this devastating time. She was a human being first and foremost.The Houston family continue to remain in my prayers.

Rest in peace Whitney Houston.