French Horn Rebellion featuring Jody Watley and Young Empire Billboard Video Debut


This is a sweet video, lots of fun and although the 80’s get a bad rap at times, that era marked the end of innocence and clean pop fun to me with regard to music culture and video to a degree. The same applies to writers who don’t a lot of research and totally marginalize who I am as an artist. I mean – at the least I’m a Grammy winner, and a known pioneer and trendsetter in music, video, dance and style. Of course when I read how the writer described me in his piece, I had to shake my head..and it’s Billboard, who also honored me with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Dance Music! My  creative output has continued well into this era – 00’s. My last #1 single, was my last release in 2007, giving my a chart history that began as a solo artist in 1987 and continues to evolve. Prior going solo, I was an original member of Shalamar from 1977-1983. I’ve had hits in each decade and remain relevant and fresh – it just so happens I’m a legacy artist to boot, and not your average one I’d add. It gets frustrating at times when seeing writers not do their homework. – there’s more than one trendsetting woman artist who came out of that era..smaller budget and less controversy but still!

French Horn Rebellion chose to not appear as main characters and cast the video to tell the story of “Dancing Out.”  It’s all about unleashing the awkward person who lives in us all – and how dance can free you to simply let go – to be quirky, goofy, have a bit of fun and let your guard down for a little romance as well. Catch the Jody Watley sighting in the video – I adore it and the fact I can still sing in that pure childlike tone!

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French Horn Rebellion featuring Jody Watley and Young Empire on Popservations

From Popservations:

Jody Watley Back To Dancing With French Horn Rebellion.

When something works the first time around, you’d be foolish not to try it again. Sure, lightning rarely strikes twice, but sometimes it does.

French Horn Rebellion must like those odds because they’ve rung up Jody Watley again, a quite wise move by Robert and David Perlick-Molinari. Having joined forces with the legendary pop/R&B diva for last winter’s sparkling “Cold Enough,” their new collaboration, “Dancing Out,” is even better. Read more and listen : HERE


NEW Music – French Horn Rebellion featuring Jody Watley and Young Empire

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“Dancing Out” French Horn Rebellion featuring Jody Watley and Young Empire

My lord, if this isn’t the most-upbeat piece of indie pop I’ve heard in a while! With “Dancing Out,” French Horn Rebellion have crafted an infectious number that stays true to its name (my feet are still tapping as I write this). Read More and Listen:  Here