ICYMI.Jody Watley Faith Heart Magazine Cover Story. 2020.

2020 Rewind:: ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – You’ll find lots of recent press interviews, print, TV, digital features which culminated from my 2020 timely Spring / Summer Release “THE HEALING” – just scroll in your free time and do some reading!

Here’s the September Cover of Faith Heart Magazine and Excerpts:

Joy and inner peace are beauty must-haves; they radiate from the inside out and putting good into the universe.” Always using her voice to inspire others, JODY WATLEY is shining brighter than ever and living fearlessly as she empowers FHM readers in the September edition. Her journey exemplifies what is possible when you don’t allow circumstances to stop you from being you! “While others are running their mouths, run your business.” This interview you don’t want to miss. Grab your copy today!

Grammy award winning pioneer in music, video, fashion and style Jody Watley graces the cover of Faith Heart Magazine, September issue looking more beautiful than ever.

The stunning and always fabulous trendsetter opened up to the magazine about creating new special moments with her enthusiasm and passion for living, life, and music.

She also shared about practicing a healthy lifestyle from what you eat to what you consume on social media and using her voice to inspire others.

“Don’t compare yourself or your life to others. When it comes to our personal health and choices, we are the captains of our own vessels,” says Watley.

“With COVID19, think of others not just yourself…”


Read it digital or order hard copy : Faith Heart Magazine

Wattage Thoughts. Well Wishes To All 2020 Final Weekend.

It’s been a challenging year – and if all you did was manage to stay healthy and in good spirits – celebrate it on this final weekend of 2020, in gratitude.. so many didn’t make it. Wishing everyone the best of this weekend before we set our personal intentions and goals for 2021.

Making my home space my sanctuary each day and encouraging you to do the same. Create an environment of love, joy and hope.

Move things around, adjust the energy, always have something fresh if you can-flowers are always a splurge, candles are a must – chill.


Merry Christmas and Holiday Blessings To All.

Find your joy this holiday season though it may be a challenge with all going on in this ongoing pandemic and every ramification as a result.

Create your own sense of Sanctuary.

Jody Watley. XS10 December Cover Story. Iconic. Inventive And Living On Her Own Terms.

Read the full Q&A, Jody always drops Wattage gems. This is the 3rd cover feature since the release of “The Healing” Spring 2020.
XS10 Read It Now

Eurweb. ‘Selena-The Netflix Series’ Reveals Impact and Love For Jody Watley

Read full feature on Eurweb: Here

Candles and Coffee.

I wanted to craft a scent that was intoxicating but not overpowering – that’s what “Sanctuary” is, from my home to yours- they make great gifts too since we many of us are still spending more time at home.

A few of my favorites in my own home are candles and morning coffee – afternoon tea…the simple things just relaxing or contemplating next steps of life.

Exclusively Available:

Wattage Thoughts. Take Time For Yourself.

Just a few reminders for your well being and say ‘No’ if you’re not feeling up to something to do any of these things as well.

ICYMI. Jody Watley Television Appearance and Interview On Holiday Edition of Good Day Sacramento.

Jody Watley. Photo: Avid Music Inc. 2020

In case you missed Jody Watley on Good Day Sacramento on Wednesday December 9, 2020 in what turned out to be one of the most fun interviews during this pandemic season : Watch it Now for Pure Joy! Here On CBS

Jody Watley To Appear On Good Day Sacramento Holiday Edition.

Tomorrow Morning December 9, 2020
8:00 A.M. PST. Jody Watley will be a guest on Good Day Sacramento Holiday Edition talking about the new home line and self care during these times. Stream it live from their website from anywhere in the country! gooddaysacramento.com


Jody Watley New Cover Interview Alert.

Always keeping it moving — Despite the pandemic, social unrest, a contentious election season theres been a lot of activity. We’ve all been dealing with the challenges of the lockdowns and work stoppages. Initially reluctant to release “The Healing” it’s message was so timely and relevant to the Now it was a must. As a result it’s been rewarding to spread a message of healing, hope and positivity.

Though consistently promoting my independent releases over the decades, it feels as though I’ve ended up doing more than I have in a while and most importantly with the focus on the business entrepreneurial aspects of my career this far. If you have missed the many TV interviews, interviews and appearances you can look them up here on my site and social media.

The universe and God has always seemed to introduce people or opportunities in my life at the right time. This 9 months have been no exception and I’m grateful. Being mentioned and represented as a part of the Selena Netflix Series, as an influence in her journey that was so tragically cut short is really something. We never know who we impact just by being ourselves fighting to be who we are on any scale.

It’s my hope that you always find some inspiration through what I’m saying and doing. Just keep going the motion even when sitting still pondering what’s next – the answers and opportunities arrive when you least expect it.

The next cover story arrives January 4, 2021 digital magazine COMMUNIQUE!