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Jody Watley. Vintage Photo of The Day. I Want You. 90’s.

Jody Watley I Want You Video

Jody Watley. ‘I Want You’ Video.

The only video where I incorporated dancers, inspired by Bob Fosse and golden era Hollywood musicals with Jody Watley flava – Wattage!

Jody Watley At Home. Self Quarantine May 2020.

Jody Watley At Home May 2020

Jody Watley at home. May 6, 2020.

Brows are out of control..I’m trying not to gain the weight I took off the past year and as always keeping a positive outlook in the midst of it. I have a daily routine working out for a bit, dancing, jumping jacks, jump rope.. in lieu of my morning jogs pre-Covid19. There’s still a bit of business to deal with here and there but nothing like before – and I don’t mind that to be honest. Even with balance in my life throughout my career, I’ve been working since I was a teenager or waiting to get to work, or grinding, trying to make things happen. Right now – it’s cool to just be taking all of the pressure off myself, I’ll expound in another blog post.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle but like anyone sometimes I fall off. Getting dressed and putting on a splash of light makeup most days keeps me motivated – while there are days of black sweats as seen here and taking naps under incoming warm breeze after reading a few chapters in a favorite book. Being home sporting a crop top on a hot day which I’d never wear in public – leaving that to the 20 and 30 somethings..just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Here’s wishing you all the best as well all get through this in our own way.

Much love from my sanctuary to yours.



Wattage Thoughts – Bed of Roses. Jody Watley Song of The Day.


A song for you from my ‘The Makeover’ release from 2008. 4hero are an electronic duo and early pioneers of breakbeat from London comprised of Marc Mac, Claire & Dennis, and Dego McFarlane. Their critically acclaimed album ‘Two Pages’ is one of my favorites from the late 90’s and really inspired me to keep going in new ways as an artist when I felt disillusioned about the music ‘business.’ I reached out to them at the time via Myspace when I started feeling creative again saying I’d love to collaborate with them – they couldn’t believe I know who they were and had to verify I was really the Jody Watley.

I was driving in my car after receiving some tracks and when this instrumental came on it was instant – the full song lyrics and melody came easily to me. As a songwriter it’s nice when that happens. I was in  traffic thinking about the things people go through in life and how we have to find ways to keep going. In this current climate, it’s a good one to listen to and a deep cut in the diverse Jody Watley catalog.

‘Bed of Roses’ was also featured on the 4Hero release “Play With The Changes” which also featured Jill Scott, Ursula Rucker and more.

Be strong.


May Greetings. Wattage Thoughts. Remember Your Strength.