Wattage Thoughts – Bed of Roses. Jody Watley Song of The Day.


A song for you from my ‘The Makeover’ release from 2008. 4hero are an electronic duo and early pioneers of breakbeat from London comprised of Marc Mac, Claire & Dennis, and Dego McFarlane. Their critically acclaimed album ‘Two Pages’ is one of my favorites from the late 90’s and really inspired me to keep going in new ways as an artist when I felt disillusioned about the music ‘business.’ I reached out to them at the time via Myspace when I started feeling creative again saying I’d love to collaborate with them – they couldn’t believe I know who they were and had to verify I was really the Jody Watley.

I was driving in my car after receiving some tracks and when this instrumental came on it was instant – the full song lyrics and melody came easily to me. As a songwriter it’s nice when that happens. I was in  traffic thinking about the things people go through in life and how we have to find ways to keep going. In this current climate, it’s a good one to listen to and a deep cut in the diverse Jody Watley catalog.

‘Bed of Roses’ was also featured on the 4Hero release “Play With The Changes” which also featured Jill Scott, Ursula Rucker and more.

Be strong.


New Jody Watley Music Celebration. UK Radio Special Podcast.

The Jody Watley “Still A Thrill” Radio Celebration from The Wayne Boucaud Show, UK Black in 3D is now available on Mixcloud as a podcast. Listen again or for the first time!

Wayne did an excellent job on curating a few classics and a host of deep cuts and collaborations beyond the commercial realm with snippets of vintage interviews sharing pearls of wisdom, goals and determination with a desire to always be me and never confined to expectations or narrow vision. You’ll enjoy the entire show..and be reminded that there is still quality music being made – soul, jazz, funk and you can still mix them up into a delicious musical brew with the classics, under the radar gems.

It’s been such a great year of music for me solo (the Top 10 Smooth Jazz ‘Waiting In Vain’ and with SRL (Soul Revolution Love), “The Passion”, “The Mood” Alex Di Cio’ mixes coming with massive UK radio support; and the announcement of my first UK Tour in over 20 years. It means the most to have it be fueled by what’s new while celebrating what’s past.

Get your groove on, and tell a friend.

Albumism Spotlight Song of The Day. Bed of Roses. Jody Watley with 4Hero

It was nice to be reminded of this one..timely song in these often troubled times. One of my favorite collaborations was with the UK’s 4 Hero. This also appears on my critically acclaimed full length “The Makeover” from 2008.

“Song Stuck in Our Heads Today: 4hero‘s “Bed of Roses” featuring Jody Watley from their 2007 album ‘Play With The Changes'” —  via Facebook. Check out their page  and site it’s really a gem of quality music and writing.