The New Single. Nightlife Musings.


"It's In The Music!" Nightlife.

“It’s In The Music!” Nightlife.


Various remixes are being finished including work from Jodie Harsh, Moto Blanco, Luminodisco, Soulpersona for a soulful UK offering among others. People rush to ask “When is the CD coming out?” It’s like asking for dinner before you’ve even tasted the appetizer for me. What is the rush – especially when so few albums sell anyway. “Paradise” will arrive early 2014. Every song with be choice. I know we live in the digital age, and I enjoy this element, however because of the vastness – it makes even more sense to let things build and unfold. This isn’t teen-age pop culture disposable stuff, grab the headlines and on to the next type of approach whatsoever. Classic.

Get to know the single, support it by telling a friend, share on your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter, download it, work out to it, get ready to go out to it, dance to it, create your own ‘Nightlife’ video or photo collage to it. I’ll be marinating you on it for a while, just getting started. ┬áLimited edition vinyl, video and other promotions on the way. This not a rush rush thing – all classic and taking time with it, like a finely made couture item! People complain about the lack of quality music and artistry – well, here it is. How are you supporting what I’m doing today with my music, or are you stuck on my past? That life was lived already – here we are. I’m all about remaining and being fabulous NOW – join me! Create new fab memories. “It’s In The Music!”