Flipping The Script.

As a live performer, it’s important for me to be like a kaleidoscope and show different sides. ┬áReinterpreting some of my songs keeps things fresh for me as well as the audience; it’s fun to flip the script and be creatively fearless. Of course, there’s always a risk that fans won’t get it, but I’d hate to be that type of artist afraid to try new things and look at your songs in a different light from time to time.

In collaborations, it’s great to be able to say – let’s do something that is….and have the ability to pull it off whatever ‘it’ is. “..Orchestral, dramatic and haunting – Ryuichi Sakamoto as inspiration meets Jody Watley ” as conveyed to my longtime collaborator, co-producer, music director and keyboardist Rodney Lee just felt right and he nailed it, coming back with “–like this?!” ┬áMy spoken word lyrics to this new arrangement of “When A Man Loves A Woman” was one of the many highlights of my Saturday night experience at Yoshi’s Oakland. I can’t wait to perform it again!