Original. Fan Made. Hoops. Enduring Style.

This is another fun video with a take on the new Shalamar Reloaded single and video “O.R.I.G.in.A.L”

Ironically in the past few days, fans have shared with me these posts heralding the jumbo hoop earring, the blend of eclectic style high and low fashion.. it’s been Β pointed out “they mention other artists who have followed the trend, trends you set – Β except the person who started it – you”..origins people, learn it! “What you mean you don’t know about my hoops!”


Read the Teen VOGUE Post: HEREΒ – News Flash to the Teen VOGUE style writers – they’ve always been chic – and never left! I think it’s wonderful that the style endures generation to generation. To see them the Jody Watley Hoops -always makes me smile. Go girls – WerK!!





Don’t You Want Me – 1988. Recently signed with love from legendary designer Jean Paul-Gaultier.



O.R.I.G.in.A.L – Jody Watley 2016Β 

NEW. Fan Made. Nightlife Video.

Another by Shawn West from Sedalia, Missouri, created using original footage taken from my channel and content created by Ray Easmon to accompany ‘Nightlife’ footage put together by him.