Planning and Preparation with Shalamar Reloaded.

Being a real group and artist means you don’t just show up to get a check, the work happens all the time if you want to make things unique, distinct.. meeting, brainstorming, exchanging ideas, listening to each other, being able to keep it real and honest..before ever taking the stage, going in studio, making a video. We don’t just get together to pick up a check, we are constantly in communication. Some want the shine without the grind – not us. We understand that building something special takes time, we’re enjoying the process despite any challenges, roadblocks and those trying to undermine our efforts.



Planning and preparation at Rosero’s home with Nate Allen Smith.


Shalamar Reloaded soaking in some California sun after a planning business meeting.

Jody Watley Talks Shalamar, Reunions and New Music and More.


My interview with David Mitchell takes on the business of Shalamar and topics that also include; “a hit-blazing solo run, and her latest endeavor “Nightlife,” the kick-off single from her forthcoming project, Paradise.” Another must read: HERE

Jody Watley Talks New Music & Business with Madamenoire Magazine


Photography: Albert Sanchez. Make-Up: Billy B.

Photography: Albert Sanchez. Make-Up: Billy B.

Singer, style diva, businesswoman Jody Watley talks with us about the music industry, her new song and her record label Avitone Recordings: Read HERE

Jody Watley Nightlife Vinyl Update

Due to the high demand of vinyl, with sales up 66% and so few plants doing the pressings, we are delayed in receiving our order for “Nightlife.” We’ve been told we’re looking at November to receive the shipment. Thank you for your patience. Read about the high demand for vinyl: here and an article from the New York Times here.