Jody Watley -Says Love Is Always Being Served

Jody Watley. “Friends ft Eric B & Rakim Video Still, 1989

You all know how much I’m all about love not just on Valentine’s Day – EVERY DAY – down to my first tattoo of cupid the cherub with flowers another favorite thing.

in ‘89 (tattoos weren’t even a thing beyond the rock / punk crowd-especially for black girls but I wanted one and loved that edge ) for my birthday at a rock n roll spot on Sunset. I knew in choosing what to get for a tattoo it must represent “Love” the heart and being permanent I knew it would be perfectly everlasting as to who I am and what I believe in LOVE – here’s a few of my favorite images captured over the years featuring it.

A few years later adding the “Love” pedestal while in Japan – very taboo at the time there -but got hooked up to get the addition at an underground place .. done in original by hand poke hand not machine art form (so painful omg sitting on floor of pillows drinking green tea .. feeling like I was in a movie scene.

It will always be about love every day!


Jody Watley Rock Magazine CREEM. 1991
Jody Watley. Details Magazine 1993 Photography by
Jody Watley. Photography by Mike Ruiz 2008

Monday Wattage. Just Live.

People are always ready to put others in a box based on gender, age, race, economics, sexuality, job, career, body size, skin tone and so on .. define yourself for yourself no matter what. Defy all of it. Embrace who you are and just live life forget all of that – just live!

Photography; Mike Ruiz

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