Jody Watley Gets Up Close And Personal With Fans In Concert

Grammy winning music legend Jody Watley bringing the Wattage!

Grammy winning music legend Jody Watley response to fans taking selfies and video at recent concert. Watley says “It use to distract me in my show and annoy me to be honest because I really want fans to be in the moment. Video recording the entire show is still discourage however now I embrace those taking short snippets and selfies and make it fun and even more memorable for them.I’ve even joked to make sure they get good angles!”

Usher’s trending interactions with celebrities and fans at his Vegas residency and the not so positive reception towards country singing star Miranda Lambert admonishing fans for taking selfies during a recent performance brings to mind how Jody Watley engages with her adoring fans. This is just one example – Watch it Now!