NEW On The Official Jody Watley YouTube Channel. Getting My Roller Skating Groove On.

Joyful vibes celebrating the release of my latest release – the feel good “RENDERINGS” EP.

Of course roller skating never went away, but we have seen a resurgence since the pandemic. Roller skating was one of my favorite things to do from my youth info adulthood. Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on skates but in the spirit of “RENDERINGS” – I was inspired to give it a go – this is me back in the day :

Jody Watley, 1981 getting my skate on – in my Maud Frizon skates – a gift from Bernard Edwards of CHIC.

Some have said it’s become a symbol for female empowerment and you know I love that. I was inspired to lace them up again after the news of the instant UK buzz on the project and a few videos of a couple of the songs from ‘Renderings’ on Instagram by legendary Paola Fraschini a 7 Times World Champion of Artistic Roller Skating and former artist of Cirque du Soleil. I’m not nearly at that level – but I had fun, though being very careful!

Check out the short video lip – Watch It Now! Download, Stream, Share on you socials — “Renderings” today! BE INspired and UPlifted!