‘Selena-The Series On Netflix Rightfully Celebrates Pop Superstar Jody Watley – Houston Chronicle

“Selena Quintanilla loved Jody Watley. I spoke to the pop icon about her part in #selenatheseries , being ‘kindred spirits’ and the possibility of doing her own Selena cover(!!!)” – Writer, Joey Guerra

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There’s a dinner table scene in “Selena: The Series” where the young singer and her dad discuss an upcoming performance in Mexico. This will be Selena’s first time there, and the setlist has to be right.

“I wanna do the new Jody Watley song,” she tells her dad. He quickly rejects the idea of an English-language song.

“I’m Mexican and American, right?” Selena asks. “You want me to be only half of who I am?”

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Joey Guerro: Houston Chronicle