Jody Watley Breaks It All The Way Down In Memorable Groove Session On Sirius XM

Grammy Winning Singer -Songwriter – Producer Jody Watley at Groove Sessions. Photo By GotYaDigi- All Rights Reserved. 2023 Avid Music Inc.

Jody Watley Groove Sessions on Sirius XM The Groove Ch.50 was broadcast this past weekend June 17 and 18.

The venerable Grammy winning singer-songwriter-producer gave an intimate studio audience of subscribers and fans along with millions of listeners an hour long special with a spotlight on her multi-platinum solo debut album commemorating the 35th Anniversary.

Insightful, candid, humorous, inspirational as well as performing 5 songs from it including a poignantly soulful makeover of “Most Of All”, Jody Watley shared behind the music experiences with MCA’s Jheryl Busby, co-writer/producer Andre Cymone, Prince, Grace Jones, Duran Duran.. TLC, Arnold Schwarzenegger, self belief, authenticity, her solo vision .. being an inspiration to others.. and so much more!!

Here’s a few excerpts from the EXCLUSIVE ‘Groove Sessions” special celebrating Black Music Month.

Video by Got Cha Digital mixed with EXCLUSIVE content from the broadcast. All Rights Reserved.