Sometimes There Are No Words That Feel Right.

There is still beauty in the world.

We are living in increasingly more fragile and unpredictable times – heartbreaking times with the constant mass shootings and innocent people of all ages losing their lives , yesterday 19 children NINETEEN – all of it is horrific and sad however there is something even more heartbreaking if that’s possible when it is young children, babies. I’m just sad not just as a Mom of two who are young adults but as a human being. Anger mixed in with sadness and helplessness because this continues to happen in America. There’s no need to pontificate – we all know what needs to be done and also why it’s not being done by the powers the be. Like I said – nothing I say feels right these past few days so.. here’s a beautiful flower taken on a recent morning walk like those beautiful little angels in bloom gone too soon.

Gun Reform Now. Ban Assault Weapons NOW. ACTION. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT. Don’t use mental illness and the disenfranchised as a scapegoatn and excuse – other countries have people struggling through these same issues without all these mass shootings – schools, churches, movie theaters, nightclubs, synagogues, grocery stores….. they want to ban a woman’s right to choose, books, the history of racism in this country, voting rights, the lidt goes on — but not assault weapons or restrictions.. make it make sense.

My condolences to all of the families of senseless gun violence and may those who have their lives cut short at the hands of another have the most majestic wings and know they are loved even by those of us who don’t know them personally.