Aquarian Love – Music for The Weekend.

In celebration of fellow Aquarians Bob Marley, as well as Gardner Cole co-writer of one of my classic hits “Everything” – music for the weekend. Make sure to follow me for the music on Spotify if you’re a subscriber.

The 2018  Top 10 Smooth Jazz Network Single  “Waiting In Vain” one of my favorite songs from Bob Marley. I put my spin on it fused with my love of jazz and bossa nova. A vivid and fond memory is traveling to his birthplace in 1983 shortly after my departure from Shalamar, Tuff Gong and  meeting some of those closest to him as a guest of Pasqueline Bongo (daughter of former President of Gabon).


A Top 10 Hot 100 and R&B hit ‘Everything’ written by Gardner Cole and James Newton-Howard. As soon as I heard this song when Gardner played it..I knew it was for me!