In Remembrance September 11. 13 Years On.



A moment of pause -Thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by this day, Sept. 11 – 13 years ago in 2001; to the families, loved ones, friends left behind – to the first responders, citizens who tried to help and suffer the effects and to the innocent victims of this horrific day in American history.

I’ll never forget it – watching television making breakfast that morning for my son and getting him ready for school. 13 years on – my son is now a college student in New York.
My daughter was in her sophomore year in NYC for college in 2001 – her dorm two blocks or so from the was hours before I knew she was safe, there were restaurants, cafes inside. All phone lines were jammed or down – panic then prayer. It was an extremely emotional and difficult experience for her to be there and see it all, to see families posting pictures of missing loved ones.. she came back to LA, petrified to fly (an understatement) for a while and took time off before returning to college. To day this day as someone who travels and flies because of my job in entertainment is a fear I’ve had to learn to deal with and face. Healing prayers to all. Peace on earth. Love in place of hatred.