Just a Thought. Voting Rights Act and The Supreme Court.

Clearly, though things in the country have changed with regard to Civil Rights, with recent elections and reports of efforts to redistrict and discourage people from voting we can’t be naive. There seems to be a clear and continued undercurrent of racism in this country – which I personally find quite sad and baffling. We may have a black President in Obama, however inequality and racism still exists albeit in different forms under various guises.

The media, gossip bloggers and so forth may distract – but I hope people are really paying attention and finding the outlets of their choice to keep informed on the changes that are happening – around the world; especially here at home. As a rule, I’ve learned to keep my political opinions to myself and leave the politics to the ‘professionals’ – however there are some things that one must pay attention to which is – just a thought.
While lamenting the anniversary of the loss of one of my favorite childhood and music inspirations today – this happened..while also watching live stream of Wendy Davis public filibuster in the Texas Senate gallery via the web.

Read the ruling at Democracy Now. Here