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Jody Watley. Nightlife and Other Musings


Moto Blanco REmix:

The remixes by Moto Blanco, Jodie Harsh, Dave Doyle (which features the full Gerald Brown vocal and really my first Shalamar duet in 30 years technically), Soulpersona and Luminodisco have been completed and will be officially released commercially November 4 as a target date. I’m hoping the video will also be done by that time.

I have to say it out loud to those fans who write me on Facebook and Twitter saying that they don’t download and want CD’’re basically saying you’re no longer an active part of my fan base. I mean I’m sure there are those who still long for the typewriter, rotary phone, original Tide, Leave it To Beaver and Tower Records … times change and certainly I have too. I love the digital era in that I can buy a song as soon as I hear it from iTunes, Amazon, Beatport,etc. I don’t have to wait until I hear a song I like on the radio – I can program my own playlist on my music player, iPod, iPad, phone and so on. I can Google any artist I’d like to know about, visit their website to keep up to date and if they’re active on social media – instantly get plugged in. That’s empowering for older fans willing to change their way of thinking in this era – otherwise it’s like a dead consumer -not buying anything.

Sure nothing will ever be like going in the record store staying for hours browsing – but for the most part that’s over. What’s an artist to think when being told “I don’t do downloads.” I have to shake my head. Big box stores like Target, Best Buy only stock Top 40 primarily – few niche based independent music makes like me. Waiting to hear it on a ClearChannel Station – good luck. Those playlists are narrow and geared to young enthusiastic fans and younger new artists – hip hop and pop.These comments make me realize why the youth are always the target of marketing and why the music business must always focus on the new young hot ‘product’ driven by sex, controversy and the usual staples of the business, just more amplified because of the media. The older people some get, the more set in their ways lamenting on ‘the good ole days’ – as if life stopped – they become. I’m older but, I don’t relate to an ‘old’ mentality. I’m about new moments, the now. The good ole’ days must, as long as we’re living to be of the now. I’m not ready for a pine box! Create new memories, new fun moments, add new music, discover new things. At least I know I am. I totally also appreciate the past..but the past is gone. Today will be gone tomorrow – some will stay stuck, count me out of that ‘stuck’ rigid mentality. Obviously, I’m not targeting the youth at my age and at this point of my career. In fact, I’ve never targeted anyone, I just do my thing and hope it finds an audience. That said I really do appreciate the young at heart, the younger end of my fan base (25-40) who will tweet it, share it on Facebook go to iTunes, Beatport (and tell me if it’s not there) and more inclined to bring along 1 new fan from their actions of support. They are the ones creating “Nightlife” video’s, flyers and promo’s understanding of their importance (I don’t have a machine behind me full of moneybags corporations) and they’re full of enthusiasm. I appreciate those who continue discover me even at this deep juncture in my musical journey, those who have been with me and remain open and growing with me. They are the core who I really appreciate most at this point and that is not a show in any way a lack of gratitude to those fans who helped me succeed when I first came out as a solo artist – but we lived that already.  To still have a diverse fan base though smaller is still cool with me and manageable overall in life as someone who’s been in the spotlight since I was a teen. Making quality music is something that I’ve never waned of my commitment in with what I write, produce record and release – and those I choose to work with. However, I see the oldest among them are really just quietly pining to return to days already gone by – that’s disappointing in that I’m still active with this new music, but I understand. I’m not quite ready to rest on my laurels. I just can’t stay there – life is for the living. As I say in the spirit of “Nightlife” – Be Fabulous Tonight, Let’s Dance – It’s In The Music!

In the UK where the single is being worked – we’re receiving play from: Amber Sound 107.2 FM Matt Laury, The A List Show, Bang Radio 103.6, BBC Oxford 95.2 Paul Miller Soul Show, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Solent with Nick Sackley, BBC Solent for Dorset, Colorful Radio Wes Berwsie, Colorful Radio – Tony Rodriguez, Gaydio (DAB) – Cutmore, Hot FM, Jemm One, Mi-Soul, Solar Radio – Tony Monson // Monson’s Mid Morning, Solar Radio Dennis O’Brien – The Breakfast Show, Solar Radio – Mike Gee, Mission, Solar Radio, Neil Francis, Solar Radio-Gary Spence Afternoon Delight,  Zero Radio, Starpoint Radio.

More to come!

Nightlife Moto Blanco Remix Radio Premiere

The remix of “Nightlife” will get a premiere tonight in the UK on Gaydio Cutmore Radio Show, as Moto Blanco himself will be on as a guest. 9-10 PM. Tune in!

Show Schedule:


1.  Mary J Blige - Be Without U (Moto Blanco Remix)
2.  Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty (Steve Smart & Westfunk Remix) 
3.  Kady Z - One Million Pieces (Director's Cut Club Mix)
4.  ***EXCLUSIVE PLAY*** Jody Watley - Nightlife (Moto Blanco Remix)
5.  Drake - Hold On We're Goin Home (Jocelyn Petch Remix)
6.  Everywhere - Soldier (Tobtok Remix)
7.  Robin Thicke - Give It To You (Moto Blanco Remix)
8.  Jessie J - It's My Party (All About She UKG Mix)
9.  ***CUTMORE CUT OF THE WEEK** Zedd Ft Hayley Williams - Spend The Night
10. Kamaliya - Love Me Like (Michael Gray Remix)
11. Katy Perry - Roar (Hi Def Remix)

The New Single. Nightlife Musings.


"It's In The Music!" Nightlife.

“It’s In The Music!” Nightlife.


Various remixes are being finished including work from Jodie Harsh, Moto Blanco, Luminodisco, Soulpersona for a soulful UK offering among others. People rush to ask “When is the CD coming out?” It’s like asking for dinner before you’ve even tasted the appetizer for me. What is the rush – especially when so few albums sell anyway. “Paradise” will arrive early 2014. Every song with be choice. I know we live in the digital age, and I enjoy this element, however because of the vastness – it makes even more sense to let things build and unfold. This isn’t teen-age pop culture disposable stuff, grab the headlines and on to the next type of approach whatsoever. Classic.

Get to know the single, support it by telling a friend, share on your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter, download it, work out to it, get ready to go out to it, dance to it, create your own ‘Nightlife’ video or photo collage to it. I’ll be marinating you on it for a while, just getting started.  Limited edition vinyl, video and other promotions on the way. This not a rush rush thing – all classic and taking time with it, like a finely made couture item! People complain about the lack of quality music and artistry – well, here it is. How are you supporting what I’m doing today with my music, or are you stuck on my past? That life was lived already – here we are. I’m all about remaining and being fabulous NOW – join me! Create new fab memories. “It’s In The Music!”