Just a Thought. Neighborhood Watch.



Heavy on my mind..and every time no matter where I am, I know I’ll view these signs differently.

Most neighborhoods have “Neighborhood Watch” – never told to pursue, become a vigilante, follow, stalk, confront and so forth. Call the police and wait for them to arrive if you see something truly suspicious or threatening. If ignoring what you’re told, wouldn’t you let a person know “I’m neighborhood watch, my name is…” but it should never get to that point. My son has always loved to walk and go out in the rain. To even consider such a simple act could be considered suspicious shakes me to the core. This Zimmerman trial – any case with senseless violence and someone loses their life is tragic-but this case highlights many underlying troubling issues. I remember learning growing up as well, if you go looking for trouble – you will probably find it. Zimmerman should have stayed in his car – it’s my opinion – and waited for police, but he chose not to do that.

Preconceived notions are never good. There’s nothing suspect about a kid walking home from the store, in the rain at 7 PM on the phone talking to a friend in a “nice” neighborhood where it may be assumed one doesn’t ‘belong’ — or elsewhere for that matter.

I am praying for justice for Trayvon Martin and his family, although nothing will change the fact that he was shot dead – in the heart, while walking home in the rain from the store on an early Sunday evening.

Just a thought..

Jody Watley – Mom




There’s something so pure about children’s art, I love it. I’ve saved a lot from my own kids, their adorable hand-made notes and cards from over the years, as well as many of their doodlings, drawings and select pieces from school.  Their art to me always serve as sweet reminders of love and encouragement and of my place in their heart as much as they are always at the forefront in mine.

I selected these two vintage pieces from my daughter and son to share (and because they’re personal added my touch on top for online purposes.) Their art has lifted my spirits if I’m feeling blue or lifted me higher when feeling sunny. As  a practice, I still rotate a few around the house and keep on display. To them, I’ve always been and will always be most of all, their Mom (angel, rock, teacher, hero, friend, cook, housekeeper, counselor, banker and a hundred other roles/responsibilities over the years) – who just happens to be a singer that some people know!

I love you Lauren and Arie and love being your Mom – young adults now, but always will be my babies!