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Jody Watley. LIVE At The Howard Theatre.

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Jody Watley. LIVE At Essence Festival NEW Trailer.

Jody Watley. Coming Up Next.

June 3, 2013 — Video premiere of “Dancing Out” another collaboration with electro duo French Horn Rebellion.


With China’s Cantopop star Kay Tse, my co-star from International Musical Event “Loving The Silent Tears”, Shrine Auditorium Oct. 2012

June 8, 2013 – Chengdu, China “GRAMMY Stars” Night of Global Fortune Concert, Chengdu Sports Centre

July 6, 2013 — New Orleans, LA Mercedes Benz Superdome “Superlounge”

Take That To The Bank with Gerald Brown 2013. Soundcheck.

Gerald Brown, (who’d driven down from Indianapolis to see me) and I had a fun time and it shows on this brief soundcheck clip from 4thStreet Live in Louisville, Kentucky from  May 26, 2013. An original lead singers of Shalamar reunion went down after 35 years!

Thank You Louisville and 4th Street Live.

We had an amazing experience in Louisville, enjoyed great food, friendly locals and then our show at the new structure 4th Street Live a semi- open air plaza with a stage in the middle surrounded by restaurants and other businesses. Staff was great, sound and lights – everything was terrific.  Think concerts that are broadcast outside on on The Today Show’s Summer Concert Series – that’s what the vibe was. Former original male Shalamar lead singer Gerald Brown (Take That To The Bank” surprised me and drove down from Indiana. He was there at my soundcheck – before any of us had arrived, full of enthusiasm. We ended up doing an abbreviated version of our early Shalamar hit, falling right into step and sound as if 35 years hadn’t passed at all. There were thousands of people as far as I could see and surrounding the upstairs area’s as well – love definitely was in the house. After the show I met a young lady who said she was 20 and had never heard of me before my show – and was now a big fan. That’s also what it’s about as an artist – bringing in new fans.

“It’s in the music!”

Original Shalamar Male Lead Gerald Brown and Jody Watley

Original Shalamar Male Lead Gerald Brown and Jody Watley

Jody Watley - Photo by Renee Shaw via Twitter

Jody Watley – Photo by Renee Shaw via Twitter

Jody Watley. Upcoming Events


Sunday May 26, 2013 – 4th Street Live Louisville. Click Here To Learn More About The FREE Event!!

June 8, 2013 – Night of Fortune GRAMMY Stars Concert, Chengdu, China

July 6, 2013 – Essence Festival Mercedes Benz Superdome – Superlounge Tickets and Info: Here

Funky NEW MUSIC! singles “Nightlife” produced by Count De Money and “The Dawn” produced by Mark de-Clive Lowe Coming Summer 2013!

Art Design/Logo: Ray Easmon, Jody Watley (c) 2013

Jody Watley. Memorial Day Weekend.

Just added – we will be heading to Louisville, Kentucky May 26 ‘LIVE’ In Concert for another hit filled show of classics, favorites, rare gems and new music preview – and it’s a free concert, what’s not to love?!


Jody Watley Is Coming To Essence Fest.


With the backdrop and history of New Orleans as the backdrop amidst a variety of artists of various age demo’s; I’m so looking forward to being a part of this spectacular music and cultural event! Saturday night July 6, 2013 – it’s going down with my eclectic show of stylish funky pop soul in a concert of classic and dynamic hits (solo and Shalamar), a couple of critically acclaimed under the commercial radar gems, well new music and perhaps a surprise or two! To coincide with the performance I’ll be releasing  two new singles titled ‘Nightlife’ Produced by the UK’s Count De Money and ‘The Dawn’ Produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe this summer. ‘Nightlife’ is a nod to my Shalamar / disco past though totally modern in approach – the groove never subsides. ‘Nightlife’ features vocal contributions by original Shalamar male lead Gerald Brown (Take That To The Bank) for added authenticity – if you loved Shalamar or music from that era – you will love ‘Nightlife.’ ‘The Dawn’ is another nod to my disco funk roots and written recalling my youth, while appreciating the me of now and adding those elements. This is the type of real dance music that not unlike what Daft Punk is being heralded for. Traditionally, other’s doing music rooted in soul, disco and funk receive more accolades however it’s not really about that – in the end for me my music always comes from a place of passion, joy and love first to represent me at a particular time in my creative and artistic life.

Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley. Brooklyn Bowl with French Horn Rebellion.

Despite going on at a way past my bedtime 2:00 a.m. – I had an absolutely fun time onstage with French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Bowl. My son, who was with me (we bowled while I waited to go on) knew their songs. It turns out their music is in rotation at his part-time job at Club Monaco all the time. Fun, danceable hyper-electronic funk – not unlike Daft Punk to a degree with less marketing, promotion and history is what the band sounds like somewhat – though I don’t like to compare. The reference is only to give an idea of the sound, which is also totally distinctly their own. The crowd was young, not hipster but totally into the music which doesn’t have to be Top 40 to be good or likable. Sprinkled in the crowd were a few Jody Watley die-hards who came out to check things out and support. It’s such a joy to be a veteran artist – and be involved with a young band of artists like this.

I came out mid set and did a brief remix they’d put together of one of my classic hits “Don’t You Want Me.” “Dancing Out” which will be their next single was up next. French Horn Rebellion were quirky and delightful with glowing accents to their denim jackets and glow in the dark custom T-shirts. Their band and onstage crew including a vibrantly hot pink coiffed backing vocalist named Bebe Panthere dancing in floral shorts was just the right touch to add to the vibe. Look for “Dancing Out” and make sure to pick up their EP “Love Is Dangerous (FHRekles Remix).” I came out to sing that one for their last song of the night – such a good vibe.

Brooklyn Bowl is a must experience, if you’ve never been. I’d add they also have great food amidst the entertainment (live music, or DJ’s) and of course – bowling and loved the staff. That sounded like a Yelp review, but it’s true.

Party people in the house!

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley. Photo: Arie, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl - Photo: Tres

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl – Photo: Tres


Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley

Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley Photo: Arie (c) Jody Watley 2013