Jody Watley Photo Of The Day with Eartha Kitt

With the phenomenal and incomparable Eartha Kitt – respect and honor today on her born day and always.

Definitely was incredible to meet her in the 90’s on VH1’s The Rupaul Show.

Nightlife and Legends of Soul Tour United Kingdom.

The NEW single “NIGHTLIFE” from the forthcoming new EP “Paradise” due early 2014. Available now at digital outlets worldwide, including the “Classic Glamour Extended” EP. BUY “NIGHTLIFE” – HERE

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I’ll be one of the artists a part of David Gest’s Legends of Soul Spectacular” – The Event of The Year. This tour sells out each year, and I’m excited to be a part of such a stellar historical assortment of music legacy artists. I’m always down for new ventures and worthwhile opportunities and adventures. My participation will clear the way to bring my own full concert experience as I continue promoting my new music and my own eclectic hit repertoire.  “It’s In The Music!”

Tickets and More Info: HERE

Butlins Bognor Regis Jan 31
Butlins Minehead Feb. 1
Butlins Skegness Feb. 2
St. Helens Theatre Royal Feb 6
St. Helens Theatre Royal Feb 7
Blackpool The Grand Feb 8
Halifax Victoria Theatre Feb. 9
Liverpool Hilton Feb 11
Stockport Plaza Feb 13
RHYL Pavilion Feb. 14
Carlisle Sands Centre Feb. 15
Motherwell Concert Hall Feb 16
Durham Gala Theatre Feb 19
Hull City Hall Feb. 20
York Barbican Feb 21
Scunthorpe Baths Hall Feb 22
Stockton On Tees Forum Feb 23
Bridlington The Spa Theatre Feb 26


Malvern Theatre Feb 27

Peterbourough The Cresset March 1

Bournemouth Pier Theatre March 2

Jody Watley. Giorgio Moroder. Nightlife.

My Saturday night at Giorgio’s was truly a night to remember. Meeting the legendary Giorgio Moroder was like a dream. Dancing to his songs and productions as a teen including one of my favorite soundtracks “Midnight Express” – “From Here to Eternity”, not to mention his groundbreaking work with Donna Summer along with his production and writing partner Pete Bellotte. He and his wife Francisca were relaxed and friendly, as Giorgio’s Bryan Rabin too me over for the introduction quickly prompting me to ask “Do you mind if we take a photo”, after hello’s were exchanged. You can say that I’m never too cool for school to be enthusiastic and show that I’m a fan of the people I admire and enjoy as well.

“It’s In The Music!”

More pics via my Instagram (JodyWatley) and Facebook.

The “Nightlife” Classic Glamour EP at iTunes – Here

Getting my drag on for Giorgio's! Photo: (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Getting my drag on for Giorgio’s! Photo: (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Francisca Moroder, Giorgio Moroder and Jody Watley. Photo (c): Jody Watley 2013

Francisca Moroder, Giorgio Moroder and Jody Watley. Photo (c): Jody Watley 2013

Jody Watley. Christos Garkinos. Photo (c) 2013 Christos Garkinos

Jody Watley. Christos Garkinos. Photo (c) 2013 Christos Garkinos

Jody Watley. Bryan Rabon of Giorgio's. With DJ Adam Bravin on the decks. Photo: (c) 2013 Jody Watley via Instagram

Jody Watley. Bryan Rabin of Giorgio’s. With DJ Adam Bravin on the decks. Photo: (c) 2013 Jody Watley via Instagram

Jody Watley. Siobhan Fahey. Bananarama / Shakespeare's Sister. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Jody Watley. Siobhan Fahey. Bananarama / Shakespeare’s Sister. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Dancing Shoes. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Dancing Shoes. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

"I'm going home now - where are my keys?!" Photo: Jody Watley (c) 2013

“I’m going home now – where are my keys?!” Photo: Jody Watley (c) 2013

In Celebration of George Duke.

I had the pleasure to work with George Duke back in the early 80’s just after my departure from Shalamar. We recorded the song Baby Love”  for a project he was working on. Ultimately, it was a stroke of luck for me that he chose not to use the song because I would have, according to the rules of the Recording Academy at the time – having a release in America as “Jody Watley, or George Duke featuring Jody Watley” would have made me ineligible for the “Best New Artist” category when my debut album was released a couple of years later in 1987. At the time he decided not to release it, I was bummed and disappointed, however fate was still on my side. Sometimes not getting what you want is actually the universe saying be patient! The experience recording with Mr. George Duke is a fond one, we had a great time at his renowned studio at his home in the Hollywood Hills. George Duke was the kind of person that made you feel at ease. I had great admiration for his countless works ranging from jazz, fusion, funk and soul. We had reconnected at the start of this year on Facebook after seeing each other at the memorial for Soul Train creator and host Don Cornelius. I asked about ‘Baby Love’ and if he would send it to me, as it’s been in my head for so long but I didn’t have a copy. Happy to send it to me, he also gave me permission to post it – which I did for a short time and took it down. I reposted it today in his honor, memory and celebration. To be a tiny piece of his musical journey as well is incredibly special and I feel very blessed to have crossed his path back then and recently as colleagues.

In February, we were a part of the inaugural Soul Train Cruise and were a part of a panel sharing fond memories of Don Cornelius. His final show on the cruise had everyone dancing in the aisles as he went straight P-funk to the delight of everyone near the conclusion of his performance.

My thoughts and prayers are extended to his family and friends. George Duke now joins his beloved wife Corine of 30 years. who succumbed to cancer just last year – as well as a host of other music legends. Beautiful music. Beautiful legacy in life.

Rest peacefully Mr. George Duke, you will be missed.

George Duke, Jeffrey Osbourne, Jody Watley, Tony Cornelius. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

George Duke, Jeffrey Osbourne, Jody Watley, Tony Cornelius. Photo (c) 2013 Jody Watley

Jody Watley. In Celebration of Don Cornelius

Jody Watley on Soul Train in 1988 with Don Cornelius.

Don Cornelius represents an incredible and unparalleled legacy in television, music and dance that will live on forever. Don and Soul Train shined a bright and historic light for our culture.  A true visionary, icon, legend and pioneer in every sense; his impact on black pride and aspiration in youth like myself was immeasurable during the peak of Soul Train in the 70’s. Don created, built and opened a door of inspiration, hope and opportunity for street dancers and artists to walk through – especially me as my career has always been intertwined with the show because it’s where I got my start. It’s incredible to know he started the show in Chicago with just $400.00 of his own money. What many don’t know is that my father and Don Cornelius knew each other as they were on the AM airwaves in Chicago at the same time when I was a baby; my father doing Gospel and Don Cornelius as a part-time news announcer.  I didn’t learn the connection until after I was a dancer on the show. In essence Don Cornelius was already in the fabric of my life before our paths would eventually line-up. Like most black kids in the 70’s Soul Train gave my friends and I something to look forward to on Saturday and to talk about at school on Monday.  If you wanted to know what was cool in style, the latest dances or to see new and established artists – you watched Soul Train and lived to see the Soul Train Line. As a dancer on the show, you lived to come down the line. Whether rocking afros or flamboyant fashions; it was with pride as it was framed in a positive light also evidenced in the ads tailored for the show. I thank God for Don.  Millions of us lived for Soul Train helping to make it the longest syndicated music television show in history. Soul Train was a vehicle of exposure for countless artists in music when all other doors remained (and to a degree remain) closed. If you made it on Soul Train, you’d arrived. As I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world as an artist – I’ve seen how far and wide the reach was. The last time I saw him was at The GRAMMY Museum in 2010 for the 40th Anniversary of Soul Train. I reminded him again how much I appreciated him and how thankful I was.

Jody Watley on Soul Train, 1976

I owe so much to Don and Soul Train. It was Don who hand-picked me for Shalamar when forming Soul Train Records and he remained supportive throughout my solo career.

Jody Watley at Soul Train Dance Studio, Los Angeles.

Ever the champion of dance, Don Cornelius opened The Soul Train Dance Studio in the late 70’s in Los Angeles on LaCienaga and selected me to be one of the instructors. From that, I had the honor to give private lessons to ‘The Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin, teaching her ‘The Robot’.

Subsequently, she asked me to be in her concert at the prestigious Dorothy Chandler Pavilion while she sang her classic ‘Natural Woman’. Aretha Frankin wanted me to represent the role ‘entertainer’. Each girl represented a different facet of being a woman; executive, mother, and so on. To say it was an honor to be onstage by personal invitation of the ‘Queen of Soul’ is an understatement.  It was another moment I’ll never forget thanks to Don Cornelius and Soul Train.

Jody Watley with Jeffrey Daniel, Soul Train Scramble Board

Original Shalamar, Soul Train Records Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford, 1977

My heart is truly broken to learn of Don’s death and passing. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and those like me who loved and appreciated him for all that he represented and achieved as the first African-American to create, produce, host and OWN his own show. To be honest, as much as I admire Oprah Winfrey, I was disappointed that she never had Don on as a guest for her show, especially when the documentary for VH-1 “The Hippest Trip In America” aired. It would have been great and he deserved it.  Don Cornelius let us know that black is beautiful and sent us off wishing love, peace and soul.
In his departing, I’m wishing him the same.

Don Cornelius and Jody Watley. Soul Train Christmas Party 1978

Don Cornelius with Jody Watley “VH-1 Hippest Trip In America” Documentary Taping 2010

Don Cornelius, Jody Watley at The GRAMMY Museum Soul Train 40th Anniversary Celebration, October 2010


Cheo Hodari Coker, Smokey Robinson, Jody Watley, Cuba Gooding Sr. Don Cornelius, Questlove of The Roots at Paley Television Center For Media, in 2009.

Talking about Don Cornelius with Don Lemon on CNN:


Rest in Peace Don Cornelius.