Jody Watley Celebrates Milestone With Son

May not get headlines,but it is possible to be an artist in a crazy biz-remain grounded and raise intelligent empowered young adults as well. I’m proud to celebrate my second college graduate, the first being my daughter Lauren. Education, focus, hard work and responsibility are values instilled in both of my children early on as their mother and primary care giver.

Not all show business people are wild and crazy and as well not all children of parents in show business thirst for the limelight or paths of their parents. It’s important and not always easy to empower our children to excel and grow in their own light. Thank you to my daughter for being such a great big sister and for setting a great example early on to focus and get the work done.

Congrats to the college grads of 2018 including my own son Arie who graduated this weekend from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. To all parents, single or divorced Moms making it happen no matter what, to the positive siblings and to all fulfilling goals on life’s journey – salute!

My little tribe! Lauren and Arie.

New Video Alert. Jody Watley ‘Sanctuary’ Part 1

Inspired by my children, life and peace of mind in a crazy world – and hopefully a reminder to cherish the home environments we create and what we take into the world as well as those around us. These are snapshots small glimpses into my life away from music. When my son was born, I did stop traveling as much and really chose to stay vibrant creatively with various projects, and selective dates and of course probably sacrificing what others may feel as a need to always be in the spotlight. That’s never been my driving force. Looking back, and now that both my daughter Lauren and my son Arie are young adults – I don’t regret at all being present in their lives, being carpool Mom, sports Mom, etc. Time is always moving and you can’t get it back so choose wisely. I’m happy of the choices I’ve made placing my priorities on being there. It’s a blessing to be a songwriter and to have the luxury to make that choice..not all artists or parents do. We’re all doing the best we can..however in pursuing career, job and work goals never forget to create a life – an atmosphere of love, joy, fun, laughter and so forth. Those moments carry you through the more challenging times.

Visuals by Ray Easmon. Part 2 will arrive soon, with more of a performance vibe..this song is very special to me and I feel very important at this time in the world. We can’t control the politicians, and uncertainty that looms..however we can control how we live day to day in our own lives and we energy we give off to those around us.

“Sanctuary” EP available now at all digital outlets such as iTunes. To those who complain that good music isn’t being made anymore – I disagree. It may not make headlines, fuel the gossip blogs or top the charts – but it is here and I’m proud to continue to write and record it. It’s in the music!

Jody Watley Sanctuary Fuchsia 4 Final

Jody Watley Featured in Closer Magazine.

On newsstands now Jody Watley in Closer Magazine. Actually..I’m always who I’ve wanted to be while continuing to grow and evolve..sometimes in interviews things get misconstrued a bit. Overall a good lifestyle piece!

Closer_Nov 14 2016 Jody Watley3UP.jpg

Closer_Nov 14 2016 Jody Watley 1.jpeg

Closer_Nov 14 2016 Jody Watley2UP.jpg


PR. Tom Estey Publicity

Holiday and New Year Reflections.

We’re already a bit more than a week into 2016 – life continues to move on and what a gift it is to be here and share it with those we love. New adventures, obstacles to overcome and triumphs to enjoy.

We’re all works in progress – be gentle to yourself as much as my Mom says “To thine own self be true.” Work, revise and tweak your goals. Things may not always go your way, but what’s a rainbow and sunshine without some rain – keep on keeping on.

It was extra special to have my Mom and daughter Lauren with me for New Years for the shows in Oakland at Yoshi’s. Watley girls in full effect – three generations. We had a fun time together and my daughter was tickled at ‘Grandma Rose’ getting her groove on an dancing during the shows. I was fighting tears in one show – suddenly overcome with emotion thinking of all of the young people, and those in general who didn’t make it home this year with lives cut too short. I also made sure to acknowledge the untimely passing of Ms. Natalie Cole who leaves behind a great legacy of music and personal triumphs.

As well, I had a blast with Nate and Rosero from Shalamar Reloaded-our shows get better and better each time for us in that portion of the show. It really is a unique and fun concert experience. If you have a chance to see us – don’t miss it!

Wishing everyone the best always. Here are a few photo’s there are more on my Page.  (there was a Jody Watley imposter for the past month friending people with a fake page, asking for donations in exchange for concert tickets, dates..and who knows what – be alert and advised I would never friend anyone I don’t know on Facebook – and there is only one verified page that I communicate through link attached, always report anyone pretending to be Jody Watley no matter how many of my photo’s they poach).



Three generations of beauty, smarts and love! Rose, Jody and Lauren Watley.


Nate Smith. Jody Watley. Rosero McCoy. Shalamar Reloaded before meet and greet at Yoshi’s Oakland Dec. 30



Meet and Greet with Lisa Henry. Shalamar Reloaded.



Soundcheck. Donnell Spencer Jr. Geemack, Nate Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero mcCoy, Sam Sims, Rodney Lee, Eric McCoy


New merchandise courtesy of Bob Fierro and Zebra Marketing. I’ve known Bob since my early Shalamar days when he did our merch. 


The new T-has glitter lips though on the photo you can’t see that detail. We’ll also be doing a white option.


Love. Me, my Mom and daughter – glammed up and ready for 2016!


Ringing in 2016 onstage – pausing for a selfie as everyone in the audience was doing the same after the balloon drop! Shalamar Reloaded. SRL.


Jody Watley and Dana Lawrence (Rosero’s beautiful sister). Oakland is Rosero’s hometown making it special for him to be with family as well..we also celebrated his son Eric’s birthday. Eric also works with me from time to time as a dancer.


After the final show of the series  January 1 -we made it to Chicken and Waffles in Jack London Square with family and friends – it’s a tradition now.

In Celebration of My Daughter Lauren.

She is my first born – and today is always a special day. Happy Birthday to my intelligent, beautiful, loving, kind, quirky and awesome daughter Lauren. Time flies! It’s a blessing to see her on her journey blossoming, growing and finding her passion using her creativity and intellect. Lauren had a brief stint with Ford Models in high school – but decided modeling wasn’t for her. She’s always been a great role model for her brother Arie – who learned to hit the books hard watching her when he was a tiny tot. Lauren doesn’t like spectacle and as I’ve often communicated with regard to my children. I always ask permission to share this part of my life because it brings a spotlight on them they don’t really care much for.  To celebrate publicly with class and with grace always respecting their wishes is paramount. Here’s to Lauren!!

My daughter, Lauren Watley.

Beauty and Brains – my daughter Lauren Watley.

Jody Watley Life Musings and Paradise

“A Night of Timeless R&B” in Philadelphia on November 15, 2014 was a lot of fun. Doing the new show and it’s blend of classics making them feel new again and the what’s now of PARADISE is energizing. The ladies are enthralled with new addition Paul’Micael Bair handling the male leads of SHALAMAR ™ reminiscent to some of a young El Debarge mixed with Justin Timberlake – while for my ears having his own developing style. It’s really hit packed and energetic from start to finish which ends with some of my own signature solo hits. I met some super people like Brian Walmer who is continuously supportive of the new music, Patty Jackson from WDAS and radio personality Muthaknows. Put your hands in the air doesn’t need much prompting. Good vibes all around.

Jody Watley LIVE onstage at The Tower Theater. Collage by Brian Walmer

Jody Watley LIVE onstage at The Tower Theater. Collage by Brian Walmer

Jody Watley and Brian Walmer backstage. I love my fans and always try to show ,my appreciation.

Jody Watley and Brian Walmer backstage. I love my fans and always try to show ,my appreciation.


Patty Jackson of WDAS and Jody Watley Tower Theater 2014

Patty Jackson of WDAS and Jody Watley Tower Theater 2014

Jody Watley and MuthaKnows of Philly's Power 99 Rise & Grind Crew

Jody Watley in PARADISE T and MuthaKnows of Philly’s Power 99 Rise & Grind Crew

Paul'Michael Bair,  Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Eric McCoy and John "Havic" Gregory backstage Tower Theater 2014

Paul’Michael Bair, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley in metallic eyes T, Eric McCoy and John “Havic” Gregory backstage Tower Theater 2014


Jody Watley and vocalist PaulMichael Bair (Jody Watley featuring SHALAMAR ™ ) - good vibes.

Jody Watley and vocalist PaulMichael Bair (Jody Watley featuring SHALAMAR ™ ) the ladies and gents are loving him already  – good vibes, young and soulful, fresh energy.

Once arriving home, I was beyond ecstatic to spend a week with my daughter Lauren who was visiting from the bay. Cooking, just hanging out in our lightweights aka pajama’s or comfy clothes  – getting to watch “Scandal” together, talking politics, current events, pop culture..dining out, shopping for makeup at our favorite spot and just overall spending time being together. I’m so happy that we have the relationship we do and that I put the time in from day one to be present – and remain so. I cherish time spent with family and friends. The week was capped off with dinner at our favorite Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with my Mom and one of my nieces. We shared so many laughs – the only person missing was my son Arie, we had a creme brûlée’ for him – this is life!

Skyview, counting my blessings, reflecting on a wonderful trip, looking forward to coming home as always and praying for a safe landing!

Skyview, counting my blessings, reflecting on a wonderful trip, looking forward to coming home as always and praying for a safe landing!

Typical Mom snapping pictures of my baby girl - so regal, beautiful and smart..neither of my children like taking pictures but they always indulge me!

© 2014 Jody Watley I’m just a typical Mom, when I’m not the artist – snapping pictures of my  stunning baby girl always in awe of  HER – so regal, beautiful and smart..neither of my children like taking pictures but they always indulge me. Lauren was having her makeup done at NARS – she rarely wears makeup. We were served champagne, which felt very chic – while we enjoyed the process,, stocked up on new colors and enjoyed mother daughter time.

© 2014 Jody Watley at NARS Melrose with my beautiful daughter Lauren - on a  girls day, Mommie Daughter out!

© 2014 Jody Watley at NARS Melrose with my beautiful daughter Lauren – on a girls day, Mommie  – Daughter out!

Family favorite - Creme Brûlée at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Family favorite – Creme Brûlée at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Celebrating one of my closet friends choreographer, dancer Rosero McCoy was also on this week’s schedule. Dancing with Rosero and friends (including my other best friend Wallace Butts) was another moment to reflect on the meaningful things in life – and the people we have it our lives. There was one moment we were all dancing and I really took it all in – the moment, the joy, the smiles and thought this is what life’s all about. Not fair weathered or superficial people who come and go at a whim but the people you know who will be there for you, appreciate honesty without holding it against you and always ready to roll through life’s ups and downs, not social climbers – just friends. Laughter, music, dancing, good food, quality people and friendship – indeed another slice of paradise.

Rosero McCoy  - a collage can't really capture the years and love onstage and off. Top right: Director Bille Woodruff, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Wallace Butts

Rosero McCoy – a collage can’t really capture the years and love onstage and off. Top right: Director Bille Woodruff, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Wallace Butts

PARADISE candles are nearly sold-out! Get yours today and the music to go with it.jodywatley_Paradise_collage_candles_music

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UP NEXT 2014:

Cache Creek Resort and Casino with SHALAMAR ™ November 29, 2014

New York Private Event with SHALAMAR ™ Decemer 12, 2014

Manchester, England Charity Private Event December 14, 2014

Billboard Live  Tokyo with SHALAMAR ™ December 28, 2014

Billboard Live Osaka with SHALAMAR ™ December 30-31, 2014




Happy Birthday Arie. Reflections.

My son Arie celebrated his 22nd birthday October 17. It’s always a time of celebration and reflection for me, as his Mom as well. Away from the spotlight, my priority when they were growing up was to be present in their lives. I’m still present and involved though that role has changed an morphed into something different since both are young adults now. It’s not easy to be the child of someone the public knows. I’ve shielded them from the public wanting them to maintain their anonymity, keep them grounded, validated and confident in who they are. However, I’m like most proud Mom’s – sometimes you just want to brag a bit of how awesome your children are and how much you love them. I asked his permission before posting to ask if it was OK for me to share on my social media pages – he said yes. He is the best son in the world. I’m so proud of how responsible and solid of a young man he is, loving, kind hearted, funny, hard working, intelligent and handsome of course. I miss his presence being home – but proud that he is in college in New York studying business laying the groundwork to fulfill his ambitions, dreams and personal happiness in a city he’s always loved. He’s also held a part time job since high school – which is something instilled in both children, a strong work ethic. I miss dressing up for Halloween, playing action heroes, and so much more from when he was little – my favorite guy in the world. I don’t miss getting him off of World of Warcraft to do homework in junior high! Now, we FaceTime, text, share funny memes, and talk nearly every day. I cherish our relationship and bond. I am inspired by my son Arie and my daughter Lauren.

Here’s to Arie –  the best son in the universe!! I was there for his 21st (pictured in collage) and can’t wait to see him next week when I travel to New York for a visit and belated birthday celebration.


Jody Watley on Entrepreneurship. Paradise.

JodyWatleyBoutique Logo Designed by Lauren Watley

JodyWatleyBoutique Logo Designed by Lauren Watley

Thinking back to when I was a little girl, with so many dreams and goals – having my own business was always on my list. As an artist and a woman in business I’m never waiting on anyone to make it happen – that’s my advice. Go get it!

The Jody Watley Boutique continues to thrive. We’ve shipped PARADISE and other merchandise in the store to over 15 countries and despite a few kinks early on things are running smoothly.

I’ll be adding a luxury soy candle collection for the holidays. As well I’m working on a a capsule collection of luxury T-shirts as well – Jody Watley meets Rick Owens and Helmut Lang.

It’s In The Music!!

Padua Player aka The "SugaChef" Washington D.C.

Padua Player aka The “SugaChef” Washington D.C.

Shigeo Chiba from Japan. PARADISE!

Shigeo Chiba from Japan. PARADISE!

Lance Boykin, Scotch Plains, NJ "PARADISE" love

Lance Boykin, Scotch Plains, NJ “PARADISE” love – with his tickets for The Tower Theater Concert coming up November 15, 2014


In Remembrance September 11. 13 Years On.



A moment of pause -Thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by this day, Sept. 11 – 13 years ago in 2001; to the families, loved ones, friends left behind – to the first responders, citizens who tried to help and suffer the effects and to the innocent victims of this horrific day in American history.

I’ll never forget it – watching television making breakfast that morning for my son and getting him ready for school. 13 years on – my son is now a college student in New York.
My daughter was in her sophomore year in NYC for college in 2001 – her dorm two blocks or so from the was hours before I knew she was safe, there were restaurants, cafes inside. All phone lines were jammed or down – panic then prayer. It was an extremely emotional and difficult experience for her to be there and see it all, to see families posting pictures of missing loved ones.. she came back to LA, petrified to fly (an understatement) for a while and took time off before returning to college. To day this day as someone who travels and flies because of my job in entertainment is a fear I’ve had to learn to deal with and face. Healing prayers to all. Peace on earth. Love in place of hatred.

Jody Watley Birthday Wishes to My Daughter.

Lauren Watley and Jody Watley © 2014 Jody Watley

Lauren Watley and Jody Watley © 2014 Jody Watley



Happy Birthday to my beautiful and intelligent daughter Lauren!!  I gave birth to Lauren when I was young and quite naive to love and relationships – which has provided many a theme through my some of my songwriting.  I’d been dating producer Leon Sylvers III for 2 years. Some people have acted as if this was a big secret, and have gone on to make up stories without facts, just speculation. The fact is, is that my career and interviews have always been focused on my music and not my personal life. When I was in Shalamar, during those days it was the same, not really a tabloid mentality of delving into any of our personal lives and of course pre-internet.  Being protective does not represent hiding anything. Leon and I were engaged to be married (actually, he ended up being engaged to me and another girl, she a member of the group Dynasty). I’m wearing my engagement ring on our “Friends” album; a diamond cluster – ‘I’m in love with you both.’ What a revelation – OK, lol.  My failed love relationships and accompanying heartbreak including this one, will be covered in my memoir when the time comes; and what these experiences have taught me about myself, life and love. I carried on professionally and personally as a single mother; being responsible for her every need, loving every minute even in the most difficult times, facing each challenge head on – and to this day a proud Mom without regret. Most of you think because I’ve never worn pain on my sleeve, that I haven’t experienced any. That can’t be further from the truth.

Despite pressure at the time to not have Lauren, not from Leon I’d add, but the guys Howard and Jeffrey in the group back then and Dick Griffey; because I was going to ‘ruin’ Shalamar or mess up our constant touring schedule; I didn’t fold to the pressure or verbal abuse thankfully. While everyone was concerned about dollar signs – I was concerned about myself and this new life.  The grueling schedule was maintained. I worked until I was nearly full term with her. Lauren was going to have to love music because we were onstage almost every night. I was twirling in heels, never gained much weight; contrary to Howard’s constant reminders that not every woman could bounce back like his wife at the time Rainey.

Our schedule often meant staying up late to come up with new choreography to keep the show or television appearances fresh, designing costumes, and often waiting  for Jeffrey and Howard to show up to learn new routines after they were finished doing what guys do on the road.. and working my butt off onstage. Always optimistic, no one was going to have the satisfaction of watching me fold. I was dancing harder sometimes than the guys – in stiletto’s.  We never know how strong we are until we face challenges in life that’s for sure. I worked through my nausea, fatigue and sometimes sadness, though always reciting positive pearls because what our bond would be would be joyful before she even arrived. When she was born, for her first passport she was barely a week old and I’m cradling her in my arms. Then she and I were off to our life adventure – beginning with the continued tour with Shalamar. I refused to let them think that by having a baby, I would be any less the hard worker I was. It was one of the great decisions of my life to have her – she is a gift to my life. I’m proud of the young woman she has become.

Always a petite gazelle Lauren, who I’ve often referred to as my precious and my princess – has always been wise beyond her years, and remains so.  Lauren has always made my friends and I chuckle because she had everyone’s number from a young age; sizing the adults up with her knowing soul.  Early on, she was determined that she hated pants, always a little lady and I honored and enjoyed her determination at a young age. She’s an inspiration to me, a terrific daughter, granddaughter and a great big sister to Arie. Lauren was his first example to be study hard and be a great student – which he became because he witnessed the work ethic of his big sister (as well as having me being the nag lol).

I’m in awe of her intelligence and view of the world. It’s broadened my horizons in so many ways. Parents, you can learn from your children, trust me.  Lauren is wonderful human being and I wish her hopes, goals and dreams for her own life  come true today and everyday as she continues on her journey. It’s always been easy for me to take a back seat to her. I reflect today on nearly every day of her life from seeing her the first time, crawling,  her first steps..all of the baby, infant, toddler moments.. school plays, musicals beaming with pride, awkward open houses, sleep-overs with her friends playing dress up in my petticoats, wigs and vintage dresses. I think of our trips, holiday traditions, Halloweens dressing up and crashing parties, and suriving haunted houses, our dinners, birthdays, going to our special park, meatless sandwiches, laughs and tears (that doesn’t stop) – the homework and crashed computer before her essays were saved, the first tooth lost; nearly fainting having to shake it out..being there for her to look out and see my face and never putting my career ahead of being a present ‘Mom’ for her – graduations, including the most recent from college. A great cook (like me), I love that when she’s home we can cook together and share recipes. All children deserve this. Fame wanes – children are constant, my perspective and priority has always been clear on that; even when they become adults. Birthdays for parents are a bit nostalgic – can’t help it. The public knows me as a singer – to Lauren and Arie, I’m simply their Mom, and I treasure it. Thank you Lauren for sharing my horoscopes (always on point and on time), and being so whimsical.

Lauren is artistic, witty, intellectual, loves animals which is something she has passed on to me – well, except hamsters  – she will laugh and know what I mean on that reference. She’s modest, not flashy in the least and humble; not a show business brat. She doesn’t like spectacle, downplays her outside beauty, but it’s undeniable as it radiates from the inside out. I struggled writing this blog today – because of being protective and private, and not wanting to get in hot water with her (lol). Truth be told I don’t like spectacle either, unless I’m performing. A by product of being the daughter of someone in the public eye is really wanting to have her own identity and not be pre-judged because of who her Mom is, or father for that matter. Both of my children are that way and as their Mom I always want to respect them and want only the best for them – and hope I’ve instilled the confidence to walk boldly on their path in life. We’ve always had a special relationship, she’s like my soul mate. I can say the same for my son. Lauren never hesitates in the most respectful way to make sure I’m not doing too much and has kept me grounded which I am thankful to her for …even making sure I was never showing too much cleavage during my early solo career – not that I had much back then, lol.

I celebrate her today especially – she is a gift and I love her more than words can convey; I tried!

Happy Birthday Ms. Lauren!! Love, Mommie