In Honor Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018

Color Photo’s via Activist Shaun King.

In honor of Dr. King, this compelling audio of his response “Why are you here” while being detained in a Birmingham jail is everything – Listen:¬†MLK Jr. Audio¬†

We all have the capacity to enact positive change every day of our lives toward the good of humanity, injustice, equality, and love – not hate.

Eternal respect to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who gave his life working toward these principles his words still ring true and his efforts should never be forgotten.

Just a Thought. Neighborhood Watch.



Heavy on my mind..and every time no matter where I am, I know I’ll view these signs differently.

Most neighborhoods have “Neighborhood Watch” – never told to pursue, become a vigilante, follow, stalk, confront and so forth. Call the police and wait for them to arrive if you see something truly suspicious or threatening. If ignoring what you’re told, wouldn’t you let a person know “I’m neighborhood watch, my name is…” but it should never get to that point. My son has always loved to walk and go out in the rain. To even consider such a simple act could be considered suspicious shakes me to the core. This Zimmerman trial – any case with senseless violence and someone loses their life is tragic-but this case highlights many underlying troubling issues. I remember learning growing up as well, if you go looking for trouble – you will probably find it. Zimmerman should have stayed in his car – it’s my opinion – and waited for police, but he chose not to do that.

Preconceived notions are never good. There’s nothing suspect about a kid walking home from the store, in the rain at 7 PM on the phone talking to a friend in a “nice” neighborhood where it may be assumed one doesn’t ‘belong’ — or elsewhere for that matter.

I am praying for justice for Trayvon Martin and his family, although nothing will change the fact that he was shot dead – in the heart, while walking home in the rain from the store on an early Sunday evening.

Just a thought..

Just a Thought. Justice For Trayvon.


Some thoughts just don’t feel right for my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

I’m keeping the Trayvon Martin family in my prayers as a Mom, mother of a daughter and a son and most of all as a compassionate human being This case and now the trial, which began today, is something I can’t overlook. In particular because of my son and the realities of racial profiling which generally happens to black males. Any act of senseless violence touches my heart and I’m never desensitized to it, nor should anyone be. It’s a crazy world out there and I pray all the time. I pray for strangers when passing them by, just in case they need something extra. I pray for children of the world. Having a black male son brings a different quiet concern, and this case as with so many that involve senseless violence bring that to the fore. Stalkers, perpetrators who seek to do harm to others is a tragedy. I’ve had to teach both of my children at a young age that they may judged and profiled before they speak a word. As a parent it was my responsibility to make them aware of this fact among other things as their mother and foundation in raising them. With our best efforts, however – life is unpredictable and we can’t prepare our children for every situation.

I watched a bit of the footage from today’s first day of the case against George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin. The defense tried to crack some jokes which fell flat. Jokes – really? A young teen boy was murdered – this is not a laughing matter regardless of delivery; as the attorney tried to say when giving an apology. It was appalling to say the least. I’d add it appears to have taken full advantage of the funds raised for his defense of people who support his actions – he hasn’t missed any meals, that’s for sure. I wonder if his rounder appearance, without the goatee and shaved head was tactical to make him look more ‘teddy bearish.’ Not buying it. The make up of the jury is of concern. High profile cases generally have a history of not boding well and perpetrators get off, leaving families and victims without justice. That said, there will always an ultimate price for these people one way or another even if found ‘Not Guilty.’

I remember when my son wanted to move to Florida and would stay up hours searching for houses for us when he was in junior high school. Little did I know about this ‘Stand Your Ground’ law which appears to give some a license to go looking for trouble – and ultimately killing an innocent teen who had simply walked to a convenience store for snacks. Naturally, the defense will try to put Trayvon on trial (trouble at school, took ill-advised photo’s and alleged marijuana use, etc) – however, the fact remains, he was the one who was the unarmed teenager who ended up dead before pleading for his life. I always go back to if Zimmerman felt threatened, he could have simply gotten back in his car and drove off or waited for police. One moves away rather than toward a threat – right? Of course, at some point Trayvon did fight to save his own life and try stand his own ground in possession of a pack of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea – to no avail against a grown man.

Justice for all victims of senseless violence and murder and their families and friends. Accordingly, justice for Trayvon, his little brother, his parents, extended family and friends.

Just a thought..