Art. Music and Fashion. Joe Eula

I never tire of fashion illustrations and still enjoy sketching and designing; a passion since junior high. Of the many dreams I had when I was little and what I wanted to be when I grew up was to be in the fashion industry. I envisioned being either a designer, illustrator, merchandiser/buyer, or having my own store. I remember drawing a storefront with my name on it with models in front all wearing my designs.

My Mom asked me a few days ago if I remembered proclaiming to her very matter of factly when I was around 5, “Mommie, I’m going to have my own modeling school!” I had to laugh at the recollection. This modeling school idea of course went right along with wanting to be a singer/entertainer and maybe even a business lawyer, an idea I entertained in high school just before I became a member of Shalamar. I’ve never been short on dreams and goals that’s for sure.

Joe Eula worked with Halston, Diana Vreeland, VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few; in addition to directorial works for fashion specials on television and a Tony winning contribution to Broadway. Eula was also responsible for classic illustrations for Liza Minelli and The Supremes.

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