Welcome April. Everything Is Coming Up Roses at JodyWatleyShop.

Jody Watley. Hyrda Bloom Rose Love Bath & Body Oil.

This is so divine. Hydra bloom Rose Love body and bath oil, infused with organic rose buds, argan and coconut oils, rose essential oils and flower essences. Can also be used on your face as the perfect hydrator. Infused with good mood enhancing Australian Flower Essences. Oil can also be dropped into your bath to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Rose is the flower of love. Apply to damp or dry skin after bathing.

Welcome April. Welcome Spring!

A staple in my beauty bag.

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NEW Products Coming to JodyWatleyShop.com

We will be adding some new wellness and beauty items to the JodyWatleyShop for Spring, here’s a glimpse at a few. I’ll also be launching ‘Relax’ (Lavender and Sandalwood) and ‘Calm’ (French Lavender) for my luxury soy candle line.

Hydra Bloom Lavender Home & Beauty Box
Hydra Bloom Rose Home and Beauty Box
Cooling Cucumber Eye Pads
Whipped Vanilla Cupcake Beauty Butter
A black owned line created in Flint Michigan by a young lady impacted by the water crisis there and the damage it caused her skin, Over the counter items were causing more inflammation to the lesions and out of that she crated these amazing all natural products.
Lavender and Lotus Tea.

More to come! Support small businesses like https://jodywatleyshop.com

Lavender Chillax Roll On – Put a dab on your temples and pulse points when you feel stressed, have a headache or just simply want to smell like a touch of fresh lavender!

These new items will be live the first week of April.

Holiday Cheer – “Renderings” Limited Edition CD Digipaks Have Arrived

Jody Watley- “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes Have Arrived.
The CD disc. Jody Watley “RENDERINGS”
Music and Art. Art Renderings by Shawn West.

Jody Watley Limited Edition “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes CD Fold-Out Digipaks have arrived. There are two additional mixes not available on the digital release. This package is a perfect and exclusive addition to your Jody Watley music collection with art by Shawn West.

Shipping will begin to everyone that secured copies on the Pre-Order in November. Emails went out to subscribers of JodyWatleyShop newsletter. 

If you were unable to snag a physical copy, definitely download the digital version of “Renderings”, along with single edits “Whenever” and “Not A Single Day Goes By” at outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

Dance, workout, stream, playlist, share it!

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‘Comfort’ luxury soy hand poured candles in Amber 9 pounce Heavy Glass and Gold 6 ounce Tins. Small batch – high quality.

I love luxury – I appreciate affordable – this line brings both!

Jody Watley Signature Hoop Earrings Coming Soon!

Jody Watley Shop!

Jody Watley Signature Hoop Earrings Line Arrive At Boutique

The Classic. Jody Watley Hoops – silver plated- affordable style.
Jody Watley Hoops – Copper plated – affordable style.
Jody Watley Hoops – Black with clear rhinestones – affordable style.
Jody Watley Hoops – Gold with clear rhinestones – affordable style.

Love is – always a great pair of classic hoop earrings, one of my longtime signature accessories!

Small quantities exclusively arriving this week as another featured limited edition item: https://www.jodywatleyshop.com

‘Comfort’ – Available For Pre-Order

Pre-Order the NEW Jody Watley ‘Comfort’ Luxury Soy Candle, shipping 2.16.21. The candle is super fragrant with absolutely scrumptious top notes of honey milk, almond, coconut, vanilla and heliotrope and comes in beautiful 6 ounce deep gold tin and 9 ounce Amber glass.

Exclusively Available : https://www.jodywatleyshop.com

Jody Watley-Sanctuary Fragrance Arrives!

Jody Watley – Launches Wellness Line. “Sanctuary” Home Fragrance Arrives.

So excited!! My “Sanctuary” Luxury Home Fragrance has arrived the bottle is beautiful and the scent smells divine very subtle notes of green tea, lemon zest and vanilla to match the luxury soy candle. Sensuous and calming – The fragrance will be available soon in my limited edition store :: jodywatleyshop.com along with the candle which just went live in the store last week!

You can also use this as a body spray as well.

It’s always good to create a peaceful interior environment that also smells good too – longtime must haves for me and so it feels natural to be able to expand into this lifestyle area of wellness for you all to enjoy – in addition to other Jody Watley branded items I have available. Throughout my adult home life, and career travel, backstage in my dressing room – candles and interior sprays have been a staple to create an environment that feels peaceful and smells good too. Growing up my son and daughter’s friends would always call our home ‘the peaceful house and traveling I’d always get that my room always made the hallway smell good and backstage at venues which are often not glamorous and unpleasant making me always travel with scents and candles that bring calm and peace.

To begin to bring this part of my passion to you now in these challenging times, to encourage you and be a part of creating greater peace and tranquility is very special.

Jody Watley- Sanctuary Set. It’s a vibe!


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