Paradise Makes The Hot 16 on Soulbounce



What a delight it was to find out PARADISE made the Hot 16 List on Soulbounce amongst an eclectic list of young and emerging talent – that is quite fabulous for a vet like me. To remain fresh and true to myself always keeps my soul rooted in my work. I always hope my efforts and collaborations resonate with audiences large, small and diverse as well as the young without pandering and the young and heart. It’s in the music!

See the full list and discover other artists outside of the usual : Soulbounce

The music also made an appearance twice on the Dave Higdon’s Favorites of 2014, including ‘DANCER’ in the Top 3: Poptastic Confessions

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Jody Watley Unveils a Millennial Shalamar in New Concert Set

With the inspiration for the hit single ‘NIGHTLIFE’ and subsequent “PARADISE” rooted in classic disco soul fused with a contemporary take the new hit packed medley of Shalamar works perfectly. Along for the party are millennials PaulMichael Bair (sounding and looking a bit like a young El DeBarge) and Markus Shields (dancer-choreographer who is a beast on the dance-floor). We did our first show on Oct.25, 2014 in Washington D.C. at a private event. Of course I know diehard music group  SHALAMAR  ™  fans hope to see me reunited with the classic 3 lineup at least one more time on tour. Perhaps that will happen at some point if we can ever agree on business and creative terms.  This however is a different concept and experience that does honor the energy style and spirit of the past. I’ve added a modern house touch to signature tunes like ‘Take That To The Bank’ and ‘Right In The Socket’ kong others. To a younger audience who may not be familiar with Shalamar it’s a nice introduction meshed into my own eclectic hit solo repertoire. It’s in the music!

Paulmicheal Bair, Jody Watley and Markus Shields © 2014 Jody Watley

Paulmicheal Bair, Jody Watley and Markus Shields © 2014 Jody Watley