Jody Watley Attends InStyle Magazine and Golden Globes Event

Attending Hollywood Foreign Press Association and In Style Magazines celebration of the 2013 Golden Globes Award Season in dress from Dita Von Teese new collection from Decades, a leopard clutch, and spiked wrist cuff for a touch of edge.


Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Photo: Jody Watley

Jody Watley. Soul Train Awards Weekend 2012.

The Soul Train Awards will air on Centric TV on November 25, 2012. Check your local listings.

In addition to being a presenter on the show, I was a part of various activities for the first annual Soul Train Awards weekend. At the Golf, Peace and Soul Golf Tournament I had the opportunity to meet NBA Hall of Famer and legend Julius “Dr. J.” Irving -if you know how much I love NBA basketball you’ll understand this made my entire trip! Being honest, I was hurt and disappointed with my participation – as it wasn’t what it was pitched to me to be with regard to the video package which wasn’t the one I approved; I’ll leave it at that but left the show feeling a bit like Rodney “I Don’t Get No Respect” Dangerfeld from the R&B gatekeeper powers that be. That said, it was still nice and an honor to be a part of the show especially to speak on Don Cornelius which is what it was all about for me. I believe the producers did a great job stepping it up with the production elements and moving the show to Las Vegas which gave it a more high end feel than recent past years. Raphael Saadiq and the assembled band and orchestra including Joi Gilliam on backing vocals was a nice funky touch. I came loving the song ‘Adorn’ by new singer Miguel who is a total cutie pie and sounded great live. I never had an opportunity to meet or take a photo with him. As a longtime fan of New Edition, I was happy to see them receive their lifetime achievement award, it’s hard to believe they’ve been in the music 30 years. In concert they were great and total pro’s as always.

With Julius “Dr. J.” Irving at Golf, Peace and Soul Tournament. (Photo: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved 2012)

Jody Watley speaking at Golf, Peace and Soul. (Photo: Jody Watley All Rights Reserved 2012).

With Eddie Levert and Walter Willams of legendary group The O’Jays at Golf, Peace and Soul Tournament, Soul Train Awards Weekend 2012. (Photo: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved).

Jody Watley and comedian Alonzo Bodden co-hosts for Soul Train Awards Concert featuring Miguel, TGT (Tank, Ginuine and Tyrese), and New Edition. (Photo’s: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved).

Jody Watley, with fans returning the love. Las Vegas, Soul Train Awards 2012. (Photo: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved).

Jody Watley, red carpet and press. Soul Train Awards 2012. (Photo’s: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved 2012).

Jody Watley. Classic Glamour. Backstage, Soul Train Awards 2012. (Photo: Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved).




In Grey Ant Matte Black shades, casual, checking out the shopping atrium over the weekend. The sign with various languages of the word “Peace” caught my eye.

Jody Watley Attends Los Angeles Opening of NARS Cosmetics Boutique

I went to 3 events this week, which must be a record for me (borderline recluse)! This was especially cool because I was able to see the man himself Francois Nars. We’d met in 1989 when he did the make-up for my second album ‘Larger Than Life’ photographed by Steven Meisel – I hadn’t seen or worked with him since. I’ve been a fan of his line and faithful customer since it launched in 1994.

The NARS Boutique at 8412 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles is minimalist and chic. Massive windows allow for natural light framed by mirrored walls; perfect for testing the large array of products and colors.

With Francois Nars

Heather Park, Director Digital Media (middle left) and ladies of NARS.

Inspired by..

Jody Watley “Larger Than Life” doll inspired by album cover of same name. -Bobby Ellis Jones

Photography: Steven Meisel from album cover “Larger Than Life”

Jody Watley Make-up by: Francois Nars

Hair: Oribe

Jody Watley Style. Classic Chic.

I still love stacks of chunky bracelets with more casual outfits. In this case the punk inspired spiked bangles give an edge to the classic black top with white pants (in this case stretch denim). There’s a fashion rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day  – there’s always winter white and you can always make your own style rules.

Jody Watley Image Photo Copyright: Jody Watley

On Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles California.

Life Musings. New York State of Mind and My Children.



I’ve been coming to New York since I was a little girl when coming to Harlem in the summer – my Mom is a native New Yorker.


A bit of retail therapy – these came back to LA with me.


Putting my iPhone to use while wearing a turban – college trip biz break.


Both of my children are young adults now. I’m protective and respect their desire to not be in the spotlight. This portrait reluctantly had their permission from 1998.


From Ebony Magazine and USA Today 1996 with one of our poodles.


“Taxi!” – The intro sounds of my first #1 solo single “Looking For A New Love” were recorded while in NYC. I’m in a cab with my son two decades later for a different reason!

Photo: Kate Garner. Rockin’ Doc Martens in 1992 pregnant with my son.

Checking out the new shipment of Doc Martens in Soho 2012 with my son – classic funky punk style.

At ‘The Fashion Cafe’, New York, 1995 (NY Post).

My son and I enjoyed you New York (heat, humidity and all!). We had a fab time a few of weeks ago. My daughter also chose to come to NYC for college years ago, she’s back in college now as well (though not in NYC), another field of study working toward a Master’s Degree; time flies. This is my second time around with the process – though with no less parental anxiety. My daughter, the first intellect of the brood, located a summer program at Oxford University in London in her Junior Year of High School – I panicked as she’d only traveled with me. My friends said, this will prepare you for when she goes away to college. They were right and I didn’t want to be overprotective.  My daughter is petite, quiet and a potent combination of beauty and brains.  It all worked out  – she survived and so did I.

Having a son brings its own unique set of anxieties and sit down talks of a different nature. “Stop and Frisk” is one for NYC as well as police brutality anywhere as well as potential predators with preconceived notions of young black males like the George Zimmerman’s of the world..

My son and I actually witnessed a ‘Stop and Frisk’ while there; we talked about it. We also saw another situation with a young white teen on a bike get stopped in some sort of roadside check-point near our hotel. I was glad I was there with him to see a couple of these teachable moments. We all want our children to be safe and happy.

Wrapped around the enthusiasm a person feels when spreading their wings with your children is the knowing that a good foundation has been laid. We can’t keep them locked up tucked safely away from the world. Everyone is entitled to grow from caterpillar to butterfly especially our children. Our parental roles continue to evolve as well.

Making it a priority to be ‘present’ for that foundation to produce good, grounded, smart, solid and responsible young people going into the world has always been key for me. Keeping balance while having a career and pursuing personal goals has not been easy. Anyone who works or has a career with children knows what I mean. It’s the most complex job in the world to raise and parent a child especially if you’d like to be a positive influence and get it right as best as one can. This is especially true if one’s own childhood lacked stability, included turmoil and inconsistency. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be more of a stay at home Mom all of these years; in the midst of achieving some pretty great things. In the midst of it all, I have scheduled working trips to coincide with their academic years; and taken them with me to many places in the world and in America. Remembering what’s most important in ‘my’ life; blocking out the chatter, desires and expectations of other people has always been at the fore. This summer I’ve reflected on that frequently. It’s also not easy to be the child of someone recognizable and famous. “Watley — are you related to THE Jody Watley by any chance?”, is a question they get a lot. With that comes expectations, judgements questions and assumptions from total strangers. To them, I’m just their Mom – a ‘Goddess’, as they say. On any melancholy or difficult day I’ve had in this business or in life, mending a broken heart or whatever; nothing lifts me more than when they have told me with hugs “You’re the best Mom in the whole wide world.” If you don’t have children but have people in your life that love you unconditionally, you’ll also understand. My children inspire me in so many ways and I let them know it all the time.

A young working Mom with my princess from a British Magazine, in 1984.

With my daughter in 1984 British Magazine session. Love! She’s working toward her Master’s Degree now.

My son and I at Disney’s daytime premiere of “The Emperor’s New Groove” in 2000 at El Capitan in Hollywood.

Balance and happiness are always key. The music industry can ruin the best most vulnerable people. Choosing to make a ‘life’ and not just a living are core for me. I wrote a song about it for my next album ‘Chameleon’ called ‘Sanctuary’; it’s about creating an environment and atmosphere of love – a safe place to fall. I could be richer and more famous but probably wouldn’t be the Mom I wanted to be. I didn’t want to look back when my children grew up and reflect on what I missed with them. We’ve shared great moments with more to come as we all continue to grow and evolve. Being in NYC with my son finishing up his college stuff before he returns this month made me reflect and feel grateful for my choices as a Mom…

My son found a great pizza place for us the last night in town. I held onto his arm trying to navigate the cobblestone streets of Soho in 6 inch heels and we laughed. He jokingly chided me, “Mom, why did you wear those heels, you should have worn your sandals.” I’m Mom, but I’m still Jody Watley!  It’s difficult to fully express how special this moment was in its simplicity as I held onto his arm with the warm summer evening breeze sweeping around us.

It’s days away now that he’ll be leaving and between his own social life and work, we’ve spent more time together watching classic movies; one of his recent passions (The Deer Hunter being the most recent), going to the movies, lunch and hanging out clowning around the house. He’s also taken an interest in reading literary classics and always has cool things to show me on Tumblr. I could be traveling the world, but there’s no place I’d rather be than home.

Leading led by example since both were little and being an avid reader myself, this has no doubt worn off on both. Education and a good work ethic have also been encouraged since before they were in school. Our last movie date for now will be seeing The Bourne Legacy on Tuesday.  I’m excited that he’s excited to be moving to New York. Loving is also about letting go a bit.  I’ve always been one to say never look back and wonder what might have been – just go toward your dreams and make them come true.

My children are the most special people, precious in all that they are and working toward being in their own lives. They are the core of my existence –  my everything. I’m so proud of them both. This blog is my way of sharing a bit of what I’m feeling right now.

I’ll have to create a new normal for myself, as a rookie empty nester. I’ll finally finish some projects I’ve placed on the back burner knowing this day was coming like ‘Chameleon’, my book and so on..but that’s another blog!

Travel Note:

I want to add that we loved staying small boutique hotel The James in Soho. The staff was great (shout out to Crystal), always cheerful, comfy clean and sophisticated accommodations (loved the zen like garden spaces as well), the bed felt like floating on a cloud, and many perks including free coffee and pastry’s in the morning, free Wi-Fi (really appreciated this), roof top pool with panoramic city views and more. 5 Stars!

Photo’s: Jody Watley

Icons Of Style. Jody Watley with Pat Cleveland

One of my inspirations since junior high school is legendary 70’s runway icon, Pat Cleveland. I was so humbled and excited to meet her.


Jody Watley. Classic Style Rewind

Jody Watley,  Jet Magazine 1990 during Red, Hot and Blue: A Tribute To Cole Porter to Benefit HIV and AIDS Research.  Wearing a  vintage black beaded cocktail dress, the hair is a nod to actress Dorothy Dandridge.

What I Wore..Anthology San Diego

The show at Anthology was incredible full of beautiful loving people who helped set the mood for the energy of the night. My concert as promised was a music journey from Soul Train, Shalamar (I’ve included ‘A Night To Remember’ and ‘The Second Time Around’ in a funky medley)  also including CHIC’s classic ‘I Want Your Love’ which was my 13th #1 single back in 2007 from my The Makeover. The medley also includes ‘Your Love Keeps Working on Me’ and ‘I Want Your Love’ from ‘Affairs of The Heart’.There were plenty of hits and rarities and the new music preview from ‘Chameleon’; people are loving the new songs. ‘The Dawn’ which was already written as an homage to Soul Train and my years there is accompanied by a video montage of a teen-aged me and other highlights and ends in tribute and thanks to Don Cornelius. That night with the news of the passing of another television pioneer and icon Dick Clark – the song was also dedicated to him. Produced by Mark De Clive-Lowe it’s a funky tribute that already has fans dancing in the aisles.

The place I’m told has never grooved and rocked as it did April 18th. My band and I were full of gratitude.

After the show, I did a lengthy meet and greet talking to fans, taking photo’s and signing merchandise and a lot of classic vinyl.

For the meet and greet I wore a print jersey dress – and anyone who knows me knows this is rare because style wise I generally don’t like them..but style is also evolving and finding what works and owning that. I love this dress!

What I Wore..

On my way to the stage at The Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko for recently completed shows March 15-17.. My shows are eclectic, spirited, funky and fun but I feel elegance and glamour are missing on the music stage. I want to do my part to showcase that a woman can be older, beautiful and hot without trying to mercilessly hold on to being 22. I designed the outfit and picked the fabric and sent it off to be made by my longtime sewing whiz Gloria-Garcia Crouch who has worked with me since “Affairs of The Heart” and “Intimacy” era’s. I did a wardrobe change into black and brought out the classic studded jacket from my ‘Some Kind of Lover’ video for the encore. The vibe was all in all still very me with lots of attitude along with the elegance.

Diana Ross would be proud.