Jody Watley. NIGHTLIFE Single Preview Edit


Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI), Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti (Aletti Brothers Music BMI) Produced by Count De Money for Peace Bisquit and Jody Watley.

Grammy winner Jody Watley, one of Pop/R&B and EDM’s most enduring and stylish trailblazers, returns with a shimmering dance floor classic inspired by both her well documented roots in disco funk soul and her love of the gilded era of dance and it’s legendary bastions of groove and fashion, from NYC’s Studio 54 to Paris’ Les Baines Douche with a sly nod to the underground dance style ‘Waacking.’ An authentic bonus are guest backing vocals from original Shalamar male lead Gerald Brown. Destined for international runways, dance floors and beyond, this party jam is irresistible from start to finish.

Jody Watley. Nightlife Teaser Video.

I’ve been performing “Nightlife” live in concert for the past year or so. It’s been encouraging to see the positive reaction to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” The fans have responded positively and dancing along to it as if it’s already a familiar tune which bodes well! This is a nod to my Shalamar disco funk (including guest vocals from one of Shalamar’s lead vocalists Gerald “Take That To The Bank” Brown)  past melded and updated into a distinctly modern Jody Watley funky soul dance jam.

Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI), Julien and Raphael Aletti (Aletti Brothers) Produced by Count De Money and Jody Watley

Video Teaser by Ray Easmon.

Jody Watley. Brooklyn Bowl with French Horn Rebellion.

Despite going on at a way past my bedtime 2:00 a.m. – I had an absolutely fun time onstage with French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Bowl. My son, who was with me (we bowled while I waited to go on) knew their songs. It turns out their music is in rotation at his part-time job at Club Monaco all the time. Fun, danceable hyper-electronic funk – not unlike Daft Punk to a degree with less marketing, promotion and history is what the band sounds like somewhat – though I don’t like to compare. The reference is only to give an idea of the sound, which is also totally distinctly their own. The crowd was young, not hipster but totally into the music which doesn’t have to be Top 40 to be good or likable. Sprinkled in the crowd were a few Jody Watley die-hards who came out to check things out and support. It’s such a joy to be a veteran artist – and be involved with a young band of artists like this.

I came out mid set and did a brief remix they’d put together of one of my classic hits “Don’t You Want Me.” “Dancing Out” which will be their next single was up next. French Horn Rebellion were quirky and delightful with glowing accents to their denim jackets and glow in the dark custom T-shirts. Their band and onstage crew including a vibrantly hot pink coiffed backing vocalist named Bebe Panthere dancing in floral shorts was just the right touch to add to the vibe. Look for “Dancing Out” and make sure to pick up their EP “Love Is Dangerous (FHRekles Remix).” I came out to sing that one for their last song of the night – such a good vibe.

Brooklyn Bowl is a must experience, if you’ve never been. I’d add they also have great food amidst the entertainment (live music, or DJ’s) and of course – bowling and loved the staff. That sounded like a Yelp review, but it’s true.

Party people in the house!

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley. Photo: Arie, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl - Photo: Tres

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl – Photo: Tres


Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley

Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley Photo: Arie (c) Jody Watley 2013