Thought of The Day. Emanuel AME Church. Senseless Violence and Social Media.

It’s impossible to reduce such heavy feelings and thoughts into 140  or less on Twitter or other forums. This tragedy as well as so many others in the world..I just read an in depth article on what’s going on in the Dominican Republic with threatened mass deportations to Haiti – for a generation of children and adults who have never actually been there..the sick fun sport of hunting innocent animals roaming free (giraffe, lions) .. the still missing girls in Nigeria – some of the kidnapped have been returned raped and  now pregnant.. the list goes on. We have to keep on living and finding joy but can never become heartless and desensitized to the important issues faced daily by millions of all types around the world. If something can be done, try..even if by a silent prayer.

This is a repost from my Facebook page yesterday – with this still heavy on my heart in the midst of a flurry of promotional activities while getting ready for next weeks concerts and appearance:

“My heart aches for any act of senseless violence, terror and hate as I have commented previously-I still think of the innocent little ones from time to to time at Sandy Hook and their parents left behind, unimaginable tragedy… At the least my thoughts and prayers are extended to families and friends and to the innocent victims always, my goodness, what’s wrong with people I ask to myself often. I pray for humankind all the time..words seem small in these moments to post on FB, the outrage I often feel at world events even when not sharing those things in this forum -choosing to do so privately – however – The shooting massacre and tragedy at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (a historical church at that) in Charleston is another example of a crazy world hate filled world we live – so enjoy each day and loved ones as much as you can and take that into the world, try to do what you love, laugh and share with your friends, family, co-workers – live in the moment, appreciate the well stay ‘woke’ .. Blessings, Light and Love.”‪#‎AMEShooting‬

To Help the families of the shooting: Read here via USAToday