Toni Morrison. A Life Well Lived. A Legacy and Inspiration That Will Last Forever.


Toni Morrison

One of my favorite authors and inspirations, Nobel Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner and so many other accolades. Indeed a groundbreaker and beyond – Toni Morrison leaves behind a powerful legacy and influence that will last for generations to come.

Very said to read she’s passed away at 88. Her work challenged you and touched the spirit. I remember the first time I read early work “The Bluest Eye” in my youth losing and finding myself in her words. I’d read it again later as an adult along with many other books ‘Beloved’, ‘Sula’, ‘Song of Solomon’, ‘Paradise’ along with teachings and speeches. Morrison had such intellect and used it for the type of prose that was often challenging and always thought provoking. My love of reading and literature goes back to junior high Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, James Baldwin to name a few comes from that time on my life filled with challenges and uncertainty- it is also where my love for writing and expression began through poetry, short stories, my first novel (unpublished) and later songwriting.

Rest in Heaven and thank you Toni Morrison for being.

My condolences to her family, friends and those who knew and loved her personally and best. I feel like I knew her too.




Art By Jen Troyer. Quote Excerpt from Commencement Address Wellesley College 2004

Celebrating Dr. Maya Angelou


A young Maya Angelou Via Vintage Black Glamour on Tumblr

A young Maya Angelou Via Vintage Black Glamour on Tumblr


What a life, what a legacy – what an inspiration she has been to me throughout my life through her books, various memoirs, poetry, quotes, pearls of so much wisdom speeches, interviews…I mean when she spoke I had to stop and listen.

Thank you Ms. Angelou. Godspeed to a phenomenal woman.

Often, when I feel blue, a bit low and discouraged on days when I’m still taking verbal attacks online and around just for being me – for simply living my life knowing there are those who don’t wish me well ..I go to this for inspiration. Still I Rise!