Fan Appreciation Friday.

I appreciate my fans very much – diverse in age, culture, race, sexuality, and so on. It’s never been about quantity for me, but quality. I believe I have quality fans that are as eclectic as my music is spanning decades. Those that understand and have grown with me are truly something special. Striving to be anything of value in life is a challenge but being in the entertainment business brings it’s unique set of circumstances, expectations, triumphs, disappointments, pressures, highs, lows and everything in between. It’s a journey for the artist – as well as for the fan, die-hard, stan, supporter, music appreciator, music friend or whichever term is used.

Whenever I do shows I take time to meet as many people as I can; if the circumstances are right with the location and venue. Online I exchange communication at my various networks such as Facebook and Twitter from time to time as often as I can finding that it’s appreciated very much. Yes, I’ve unfortunately had some fans go left and go off on me as well – but that’s another post; negativity is also a part of life and the journey but I’m always about positivity. I’ve come to the conclusion that those who lash out weren’t real supporters deep down in the first place and carry their own agenda.

Long before the internet, I would answer fan mail. Being a teen that wrote to a few of my favorite artists in hopes of getting a reply no doubt impacted me. Perhaps this is why it’s important to me or perhaps it’s the gene of my father who was a minister and was very much about the people. You just never know how kindness no matter how insignificant it may appear can impact someone elses day.

I’ve received so many thoughtful cards and gifts over the years and though I don’t want to become a subject on hoarders (smile), I do keep a lot of my favorites. People have shared their stories of how my music has touched their lives in some special way – this is such a gift and a reminder of the power of music. From last month’s shows in San Francisco I received this beautiful card which came with a fresh fragrant bouquet (two of my favorite things in the world) from from Tommy Daughtery who has always come out whenever I’ve performed or made an appearance there. His message was full of love, support and encouragement – we all need that from time to time. Exuding love and good vibes through my music has always been important.

Looking forward to the show and the meet and greet on Wednesday night afterwards at  Anthology in San Diego on the 18th.

Always love.