Jody Watley Solo Debut Gets New Multi-Platinum Certification

For me it always feels like 10 million.

When my self-titled debut album “Jody Watley” was released in 1987, I would go to different record stores and various areas in LA county to see how it looked in-store (I’d also call stores around the country to see how I was doing in the market beyond MCA reports to my management in my excitement. Most of the time my album was sold out, out of stock. No one anticipated it would do so well right away which resulted in modest manufacturing-the stores would tell me they had been requesting restock & more inventory and as a result there were lags of unavailability. Sales were lost despite the success. I’d see with stacks and stacks of paid prime placement for other artists I was neck & neck on charts with and it would make me so frustrated (was still learning how this biz works). Big promotional budgets, politics are always at play, alleged attempts to blackball me from a heavyweight label owner in the black music game, bigger artists paying to keep my records out of rotation from what I’ve learned over the years – the playing field is never even.

To this day I still look at it all as God’s plan, I succeeded and still succeeding no matter what the obstacles and forces against me that exist.

Anyway, all good. Time flies my music and career continues with occupational stamina and longevity, healthy and happy.

This is a very awesome notification and update – solo debut album – Happy 36th Anniversary “Jody Watley“.

Despite most thinking I’d fail .. it was a success for me regardless because it is me doing ME coming into my own personally and professionally. I will forever remind everyone ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. no matter what, Do YOU! People are going to talk trash no matter what, at the end of the day to success is in living without fear toward the life you choose to live. Your calling is not a conference call and neither is mine – Carry On!

Thanks to all who continue to buy my music (not just my classics like this) and support me, the music, concerts, online store and beyond.