Beware of Scammers.


One of the downsides of social media and the internet are the scammers, imposter pages, fraudsters. I encourage you all not to be naive and ever give up any information or fall prey and victim.

All of my social media pages are verified : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

I never send requests for friends, money, offer gift prizes or anything of that nature. If I ever did a giveaway it would be on my Official Jody Watley page – common sense isn’t always common unfortunately. There are no Jody Watley gift giveaways, no candle giveaways , no ticket giveaways, no future backstage passes, no lottery winnings .. DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAMMERS – that goes for other scammers out here trying to trick you in a variety of ways – ultimately to take your money and gain your personal information in hopes you’re getting something for free.

There have been numerous times fans have immediately made me aware of these pages publicly in the comments where I can promptly reply .. some after they’d fallen victim – despite the fact I’m extremely active on my pages and thorough on my page updates and dissemination of information.

I always immediately report these pages, Facebook isn’t always the most swift in dealing with these scam pages allowing them to prey upon gullible people.

REPORT any and all fraudulent pages like this latest one ‘Jody-watley Gift’, never accept friend requests or offers – IT IS NOT ME NOR ANYONE ON MY TEAM. Pay attention to the grammatical errors that are usually another tip off – in this latest latest fraudulent page the lower case ‘watley’ – the hyphen.. should immediately raise red flags. Pay attention.

These are distractions and like the elders say “The Devil Is Always Busy” and greed motivates a lot of destructive behavior. These people have no ethics.